Digital Marketing and Bhagavad Gita – Part 3

March 20, 2016

Digital Marketing and Bhagavad Gita – Part 3

So, till now we covered total five Bhagavad Gita quotes in our previous blogs related to digital marketing and Bhagavad Gita. Those were good enough to make everyone understand what online marketing is all about and how it can be perceived in order to achieve success.

This last part of the post will showcase the remaining quotes which will make it completely link digital marketing with this sacred holy book – The Bhagavad Gita.

Let’s not waste our time in idle gossip and quickly move ahead in order to get hold of remaining quotes and understand digital marketing completely from Gita point of view.

  • Quote 6: Every outcome is the result of your karma. It is the reaction of various inputs out of which some of them are not in your control.

    Meaning of this quote in terms of digital marketing: Whatever efforts you make; email marketing is the main focus for all of them.

    SEO, social media, content etc may not be in your control however with the use of emails; you can focus on single point and can do wonders in the field of marketing. Consumers can feel your product from various view points.
    The email link is the final link that connects all touch points and then persuades users to take action. Talking in a philosophical way; it is an attempt to use emails as the focal point of marketing karma. Always treat it with care.

  • Quote 7: There’s nothing like right and wrong. These are just the judgements of our mind. For nature, everything is perfect.

    Meaning of this quote in terms of digital marketing: For Digital Marketing, Social media is the nature or we can say universe.

    Social media can be compared with universe and nature. Various entrepreneurs and marketers consider social media as a new fad that is influenced by Facebook and tweets of Twitter. However, these have different ideologies.

    Human being is a social animal and human beings are influenced, inspired by social media. Consumer minds are prejudiced by social media and based on social signals, brands are evaluated. Always make sure that social media or nature is equal for all and there’s nothing wrong or right in the eyes of social media.

    Make most use of social media and try to be the best buddy of your customers.

  • Quote 8: Doing the tasks focusing on input and accepting the output whatever it may be is the sign of a Karma Yogi. While on the other hand; when you do your tasks without worrying about input and output and just having faith in the God who will take care of you in every situation and circumstance is the sign of bhakti yogi.

    Whereas doing tasks by appreciating the assistance of work force is a sign of Gyan Yogi.

    Meaning of this quote in terms of digital marketing: It is the content marketing that can alter the minds of customers.

    According to an expert; content is the only thing left in the marketing. When it comes to digital marketing; it is the content that drives sales, boosts loyalty and persuades customers to engage with each other. Without content; one cannot connect with the end user.

    Paid marketing grabs the attention of visitors. Once the brand has received that special attention then there exists the content that drives the business. Marketers and entrepreneurs must understand this logic clearly. There are various work forces in digital marketing and to be the first choice of targeted customers; it is necessary to become a : Gyan Yogi” who understands the pain of its customers and shows empathy to them.

  • Quote 9: Lord Krishna appreciates all realities with affection but without judgement and hence he’s God

    Meaning of this quote in terms of digital marketing: Every Start up has to face failures.

    Marketing and business go hand in hand. Several wise men who have excelled in different ventures and businesses have stated that the default state of any start up is a failure. Before launching any campaign; marketers must learn to accept the bitter truth with open mind.

    According to Lord Krishna; every entrepreneur and marketer must accept the truth without any judgements, with love and affection and in this process; they will understand what it actually means to be a GOD.

Take Away:

All the quotes discussed in this final part are equally useful as those available in the part 1 and part 2. So, the simple conclusion is to accept everything without any judgements from your mind.

Hope you enjoyed reading all three posts related to Digital Marketing and Bhagavad Gita. Enjoy the weekend, the festival of colours is nearing; be prepared to be colourful…

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