Developing an Attractive UX Sign Up Form

January 2, 2016

Developing an Attractive UX Sign Up Form

The interest of users in the product as well as website is one of the major aspects which play an important role in the success of any website. Sign up form is used to create interest among users.

A sign up form serves different purposes such as getting created users account as well as probing them to login. Without this form; it is really difficult for commercial websites to work with.

Professional web design companies can easily create them. In fact, they have huge experience in creating such sign up forms so that they can get good business. It is one of the important parts of the website that must be designed without any errors.

A single error in the sign up form can lead to huge loss in the business.

So, here are some few steps that will help you to develop a powerful user interactive sign up form:

  • A perfect sign up form must be simple in nature and should not disturb the user’s attention. For this, expert developers have to develop right labels above the field.

    This allows users to fill the tabs easily without disturbing the alignment. The visual appeal of the labels that are aligned at the top of the fields make it simple for users to identify the meaning of that field.

  • Auto validation options must work promptly in a sign up form. It restricts users from entering the wrong data into different fields. Within few seconds, it notifies users about the wrong data that is to be added.

    These wrong details can be email id, phone numbers based on locations as well as automatic selection of country. This will notify users quickly and in instant way.

  • Always offer right information to the users in terms of small descriptions. This is known as Microcopy. In sign up forms of certain organizations, we might have seen several lines of description that is written below the card payment options along with the work details.

    This informs users about some of the valid information. Most of the sign up forms need to be verified. As a result, developers must provide users with necessary hints about the complete activity when they click on appropriate fields.

  • Always provide hints so that all these confusions are avoided. These occur in the minds of users while entering the details in sign up tabs.
  • In most of the typical sign up forms; users seen a unique word called as “Submit”. This is a call to action statement that can be seen at the end of every form. It is advisable to use some unique phrases instead of using the same age old words which will bore users.
  • Avoid using unnecessary fields in your signup forms. Users must always get an option to sign up using their current accounts in most of the social media web pages such as Facebook or Twitter.
  • This makes it easy for users to follow the process of creating accounts and sign up.
  • One must also consider security aspects. This can be done by adding banner of already established organizations like as “Visa Verified” while dealing with payment gateways.

    Also, you can find certain sites having “Norton” protected symbol that ensures confidence to users about virus protection and so on.

Sum Up:

A sign up form is the one that is an important tool in driving the business. Every organization; be it small or large scale business has a perfect sign up form in their websites.

Hence, it is the responsibility of every custom web development company to merge effective sign up forms in their websites.

Next time, when you plan to get the sign up form developed by experts then keep these things in mind. For more such details, stay tuned with Softqube Technologies; an IT firm offering affordable Web Design services in India.

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