Developing Learning Management System Using Drupal

October 6, 2015

Developing Learning Management System Using Drupal

Be it education or any field, Internet is now used everywhere. People prefer to study online using internet. Today, e-learning has been the main source to get the required knowledge. Several E learning softwares are available in the market.

Here, in this blog post how well known web content management systems like Drupal can be used to develop useful learning management systems. We will also explain why Drupal is effective as compared to other content management systems.

Drupal Web Development

Well, before we begin; let’s understand what exactly a Learning management system is?

What is Learning Management System?

It is a software application that is used for various documentation, administration tasks such as tracking, reporting and also for various education programmes. Some of the well known learning management systems are Black Board, Moodle and Canvas. Now, let’s understand how Drupal is useful in creating such systems.

Drupal – Well Known Web based Content Management System

Using Drupal, one can easily manage and organize the content. Various types of content can be developed, designed and administered with this content management system. Let’s see some of the benefits of using this CMS.

Benefits of Using Drupal:

  1. Open source software with strong community including 10000 developers and over 6 lakh users.
  2. Supports 55 languages including all the major languages of India.
  3. Provides more than 15000 free modules and themes to increase functionality.
  4. These are as follows:
    • Book Module
    • H5P (HTML 5 module)
    • Content Construction Kit
    • Scorm Cloud
    • LTI Tool Provider
    • Exercise Planner
    • Instant manager
    • Forum
    • Event Module
    • Course Credit
    • Drupal Distributions and more.
Why Drupal is used to develop LMS?

Several learning management systems are already available which can be used upon need. So, why should we use Drupal to develop a LMS?

Specialized LMSs offer lots of resources and require separate infrastructure to manage. These offer huge server space and are sometimes very complicated. Drupal is used by most of the universities as well as higher institutes to develop websites, intranets and other such development tasks.

With Drupal, one can get easy learning curve as compared to any other learning management system. Drupal is light in weight and take very less space. Drupal can be used to achieve anything one wants.

Be it any website, web 2.0, intranet or any kind of community based websites, discussion forums , weblog platform, content management system or anything else; drupal is used for all of the development tasks.

It’s huge community offers variety of drupal themes which support the E-learning modules. So, it is advisable to use Drupal for developing learning management systems and other such softwares.

Wind Up

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For any further guidance about Drupal regarding its features, advantages and disadvantages; you can take help from experts.

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