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Developing a Robust Mobile Smart Home Control Application

June 7, 2021

Developing a Robust Mobile Smart Home Control Application

Having smart appliances and the latest systems won’t make your home smart. Unless you get a smart home control application for all. You need home environment remote controllers that help you reach houses, configure, and change the required settings through the internet connection. These smart home applications are the best solutions for the companies who want their appliances and systems to work efficiently, seamlessly, and with great safety.

Development Process

Before we dive into the core features you must consider to develop a robust mobile smart home control application, let us take a glance at the standard development process that must be implemented by all the software development companies.

1. Consulting and Prototyping

The purpose of the software development is established in this phase. The purpose determines the count of devices that the application shall manage. As the features majorly determine the functionality of the app, users always fall for simple, lucid, and limited featured designs.

2. UI/UX Design

The application must have a user-friendly and interactive UI/UX with minimum complications. Because the purpose of getting the app is to streamline the user’s life and make it hassle-free and comfortable.

3. Software Development

The company should build a robust and resilient mobile application that befits the clients’ requirements and helps them solve their core problems and reduces effort.

4. System Integration

Smart home control applications must provide seamless integration of several sensors and devices existing at the platform. The configuration of the modules must be well-integrated and reliable enough to cope up with various scenarios arising from sensor combinations

5. Support

The applications begin to give desired results once the user learns to operate the application for controlling the devices. New users may require sufficient assistance after the system installation is done. The service provider must ensure to support and address the user queries and provide regular maintenance service of the application to increase the software efficiency.

Our years of domain expertise in developing smart home control applications can help you know some of the key understandings about smart home control app development.

Key Features

There are a gamut of features available in smart home control applications. However, they vary based on the kind of usage. Some of them are crucial and highly recommended irrespective of their purpose and functionality and based on their performance.

1. Intercommunication

Smart devices perform with excellence in the presence of smart solution provider. Smart home automation application enables control of all the appliances and devices with additional hardware installations. Bringing a great compatibility between the devices, the applications help them share information with great ease and accuracy. Moreover, the beauty lies in the single smart home automation mobile application providing all the device-specific apps on a consolidated single dashboard. With a user-friendly interface, you can operate multiple home devices together.

2. Remote Control

Mobile applications must be able to connect to local Wifi spots or Bluetooth to communicate with the devices and control them from remote locations. So, when you remain away from home, you still have all the control of your home appliances, devices, and systems and can operate them the way you want to.

3. Notifications

Users need real-time notifications about the activities at home. This helps them control the devices with great efficiency and avoids undue stress and anxiety about security. Smart home control applications ensure push notifications about activities like gas leakage or lights or doors left open, battery life usage, and much more to avoid uncertainties.

4. Data Privacy and Security

Smart device communication is at its best if the security protocols are properly followed. Firewall settings are recommended to prevent hacking, snooping attacks, and data thefts. Smart home applications should not turn into a burden hampering the privacy and security of your home and the crucial data.

5. Personalization

As the smart home control application brings in all the control of your devices on a single dashboard, there are several other ways to control the apps. For eg., users can include preferred devices on the home page and create scenarios or routines to improvise their lifestyle. Now setting a morning alarm, switching on the coffee machine or water heater, adjusting room temperature, switching off the lights or TV, and much more is all under your control.

6. Intuitive UI/UX

Smart home control applications work effectively with a powerful UI that is extremely simple and attractive. Users must get a clear idea and exact information about the devices. This enables them to operate devices and give the right commands to the right devices. With a clear and easy to operate user interface, users must be able to choose icons and color schemes as per their choices

To Wrap Up

Smart home automation solutions are meant to simplify human lives at a considerable level. They help to shape up your daily routines and keep you relaxed and comfortable with a significant amount of free time. A robust mobile application is a prerequisite to get such experiences. To develop such an app, your need subject-matter experts and best-in-class developers and service providers.

Holding substantial expertise in developing software for manufacturing, retail, healthcare, logistics, etc, Softqube Technologies has earned wide market credibility. Our proficient knowledge experts can bridge the gap between the smart environment and the end-users.


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