What to Learn for Web Application Development with ASP.Net MVC5?

January 27, 2016

What to Learn for Web Application Development with ASP.Net MVC5?

Developers who are aware about C# language can easily learn this however they actually don’t have any experience with Microsoft’s ASP.NET platform as well as developers who have some sort of ASP.Net experience.

Developers with no experience can easily begin with first course and those who are familiar with this platform can begin through this sequence to boost their ASP.NET MVC knowledge.

How to begin?

asp.net mvc5

An introduction of entire ASP.Net platform is required along with that of ASP.NET MVC and useful insights like as features, some things to be borne in mind etc can provide useful historical insight about ASP.NET platform.

It introduces web developers with various facets like as Web Forms, MVC, Ajax, Web Pages, Web API and SignalR. Once the basic things are clear then comes the time to know about ASP.NET MVC.

So, know one must know about the key factors of ASP.NET MVC like as controllers, views, data, security, caching, testing and deployment. After knowing the key aspects of ASP.NET MVC then it is time to look after everything so that developers can get perfect time to understand things.

A very useful guide by Scott offers an in depth understanding about new and improved ASP.Net MVC 5. All those developers who are aware about ASP.Net MVC 4 can easily understand this improved version.

What’s next?

Once everything is clear then you can know about the security measures of ASP.NET. This means as a developer you must be aware about the security features offered by ASP.NET.

This knowledge will help you to understand this development language in an easy manner. Here, one can become familiar with the broader aspects of ASP.NET framework, its security features and hence it serves as a great way to know about advanced security related study courses.

After becoming aware of security features; one can learn “Automated ASP.NETMVC Testing which shows how testing can be done till end level with the help of models, controllers, views regarding functional UI testing.

Here, one also becomes aware about running the tests with the help of team city continuous integration server. It offers a detailed introduction to various other techniques like as convention tests, business readable tests and approval tests.

So, now you will be completely aware about ASP.NETMVC web application development complete framework and one can also enhance their skills further by staying up to date with latest ASP.Net trends, changes etc.

Further, in ASP.Net bundling. Minification & Resource Optimization; one can offer an in depth look at the optimization framework that is available in ASP.Net web optimization library that helps you to optimize the ASP.NET MVC resources and assets.

Then finally learn to develop an entire application framework with this latest ASP.Net version so that one can make use of ASP. Net’s extensive support for customization so as to enhance the productivity by developing one’s own application framework which completely aligns application development to suit specific needs.

Take Away:

So, next time you think of learning ASP.NET MVC 5 ; make sure to refer this blog post as this will help you to find what one must need to learn and from where one must actually start.

For more such details, stay connected with Softqube Technologies; a well known ASP.Net application development services provider in India.

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