How to create Engaging Mobile Experience: Design for Mobile Commerce

July 10, 2015

How to create Engaging Mobile Experience: Design for Mobile Commerce

Mobile users have increased to an extent. they need experiences that keep them engaged irrespective of the type of device they are using. The limitations must be compensated as those can develop a compelling mobile experience which easily engages users as well as gets them converted into customers.

Here, we have outlined some factors that can be considered to provide a perfectly user engaging mobile interface that can bring more users, boost cross channel activity as well as provides repetitive business.

Design for Mobile Commerce

So, in short; the mobile environment should support users to find whatever they need in an easy and quick manner as well as the users must be compelled in such a way that they are willing to come back to your website very often.

Mobile users must be viewed as customers having very less time and patience. While using mobile as a means to surf the web, user expectations are different as compared to those while surfing internet from any computer.

Also, if they are using your mobile app then the expectations will be differ from those while surfing the website. Those who prefer to use mobile apps against websites are generally in hurry and they don’t wish to spend their time in more research, they will just click your product, perform the checkout process and it’s done.

Such users get easily frustrated when they find slow performance or any other type of interruptions while using the mobile app. So, in order to provide smooth mobile experience, the below mentioned tips must be borne in mind:

Tips to create engaging mobile experience:

  • User interface must be simple to use: In order to quickly engage your customers, ensure that the user interface is very simple to use and the functionality can be useful even on the go without having to use the computer.
  • Proper design for your Device: Elements of any mobile design depend on the type of device used to access the mobile app or website. So, first of all it’s necessary to understand the choice of users and what they prefer to use the most.

    For instance, an application developed for iPhone cannot be used on Android device and a website designed for blackberry will perform differently on a Nokia device. So, the developers must be aware about how appearance of any mobile app gets changed with change in the use of device.

    While developing mobile apps, make sure to create them in a simple clean form with features like category navigation, sliders, buttons and more. If the mobile app has user friendly interface then they will quickly get engaged with it.

    For developing mobile websites, make sure you opt for HTML 5 as without it the mobile websites will not be as required. If designed with proper quality and frequency, mobile websites can get high traffic volume and maximum number of repeat hits.

    Any mobile website developed must be highly visual, interactive, easy to skim and the most important simple and clean.

  • Notice the Feedback: Be it positive or negative; feedback given by users reveals what they want from your store or we can say mobile app or website. So, pay keen attention to that feedback and make sure that you bring improvements in your website or app accordingly. It’s necessary to provide proper value to your mobile app users.

    This will show users that you respect their suggestions and that you are willing to fulfill their needs. Following this practice, can lead to long term success.

Wind up:

Hence, with these tips we are sure that you will be able to get an interactive mobile app or website developed that is well adopted by users. If you wish to get such mobile apps or websites developed then get in touch with Softqube Technologies, Mobile App development Company, India.

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