iPad Marketing Automation Apps to Convert Leads into Clients

December 3, 2015

iPad Marketing Automation Apps to Convert Leads into Clients

It is necessary to get more clients. If you fail to market your business properly then it can cost you a lot in the modern world. Hence, it is necessary to get the sufficient amount of customers in order to get sufficient revenue from your business.

With mobile technology; one can now days manage marketing campaigns on the iPad itself. One can respond to customer needs and demands 24-7. There are various marketing automation apps for iPad which can automate and supercharge your marketing efforts in such a way that your business stands out from the crowd.

iPad marketing automation softwares can smoothen the marketing processes as well as operations and enables to monitor the efforts more closely during any time of the day. Most marketing softwares for iPad are cloud based.

This means you can manage the campaigns from your Apple tablet as well as from any device or computer all around the world. iOs users expect their software to work well as well as look good in order to have picked out some best marketing automation apps for iPad which will not only boost the marketing efforts as well as are a great fun to use.

All of these iPad marketing apps can be downloaded for free but needs a subscription to cloud service so that these can be run easily. Most of these have free trials and hence one can give them a spin before you make your decision whether to purchase them or not.

iPad Marketing Automation App

Here are some iPad Marketing Automation Apps which can be used to get more clients:

  • Infusionsoft: This app was developed specifically to offer tools to the entrepreneurs. These tools can simplify the sales as well as the marketing process. Hence, business owners can spend most of their time in dealing with various tasks and projects which they actually enjoy.

    One can personalize marketing efforts with the help of segmented lists to send personalized email campaigns, develop landing pages and web forms, get marketing reports and also turn social media likes into leads with the help of GroSocial Integration.

    Infusionsoft’s iOS marketing automation software allows you to search all of your contacts and capture new leads. One can add tags to trigger the action and campaigns from your iPad.

    The app includes its ability to search existing tags and create the new ones and assign them to contact records. This app is available for $199 per month.

  • Auto Pilot: This is one of the powerful and elegant marketing automation software for iOS that makes marketing more visual to marketers and sales team. This application is aimed to be more at medium and small businesses.

    It is simple email marketing software as well as high end automation tool which enhances high end customer relationship management, customer acquisition and the growth from your tablet.

    It enables you to capture leads from forms, personalize and automate emails, view visitors’ events in real time and maintain the marketing databases. The result must be higher return on investments due to better marketing insights as well as powerful reporting tools which help to make better marketing campaigns.

    It is available for $4 per month.

  • Hub Spot: It is an all in one marketing platform which has wide array of features and capabilities. This software can be used to carry out, track as well as measure all of the online marketing activities like as blogging, email marketing and social media marketing.

    Hub Spot can be used to create landing pages as well as calls to Action and also get SEO tips. Further, Hub Spot serves as a content management system thus helping you to update the website content, optimize its search and also adjust it for mobile.

    Hub Spot is great marketing software for iPad and with this app; one can take care of analytics, contacts, social media as well as connecting with prospects. It also has a good push notification support that allows you to stay alert of social stream matches based on particular leads as well as notification of new leads when they arrive.

    This app is available for $200 per month.

  • Azalead: This app is available for $6000 per year. It is a B2B account based marketing software which analyzes your website traffic in order to identify and retarget those prospects which mean the most to your business.

    This software refines the audience which you retarget by knowing such companies that visit the site and don’t fill out any forms, filtering traffic by criteria like as company size, industry and location as well as removing unwanted prospects like as B2C customers.

    This app allows you to target key accounts and get alerted when they are likely to get engaged with you. This well designed marketing software allows you to view targeted and excluded leads as well as check out visitor profiles.

  • Mail Chimp: It is one of the most popular web email marketing solutions available for iPad. It offers a total control as well as transparency over campaigns, email tracking, click through rates, reports, subscribers and un-subscribers.

    MailChimp allows you to develop your own templates and also choose from several custom designs and campaigns. Mail Chimp offers a lot of free number of emails and subscribers although several businesses will need to subscribe to one of the MailChimp’s plans.

    This looks superb on tablet and can also be used beyond iPad by integrating it with other CRM solutions as well as social media channels in order to maximize sign up rates. It is easy to use and is useful for those who wish to use email marketing on iPad.

    This marketing automation is available for free.

Wind Up

Hope these iPad marketing automation apps will be useful to you to enhance your business marketing. To know more about such marketing apps; stay connected with one of the well known app Development Company in India, Softqube Technologies.

Get in touch with our expert iPad App developers in case you wish to have detailed information about such apps.

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