Is App Development really affected by App Design?

August 3, 2015

Is App Development really affected by App Design?

People believe the creating mobile apps is an easy task but is that so? If you dig deeper then app development is really a very difficult process. It takes lots of time to develop apps may be even months or years or sometimes these are developed within days.

Some of the app development programmes have now become common and they are mostly faced by most of the mobile app developers. Today, mobile apps are the ones that are used by people to do business.

We can say now days, there are more stakeholders in mobile design development field as compared to any other fields. Development is funded by marketers, developers, managers as well as customers and out of these only few can understand the app development process.

No, it’s not that only engineers can understand the app development process. It’s because there’s a major gap between the app’s planning process as well as actual code implementation that is used to develop apps.

Mobile App Design Inspiration

The cultural and technological division among the developers who create the final app code is the unique point that leads to develop apps.

Do codes remain incomplete?

When we discuss about mobile design, we refer its presentation or design in photoshop or any other platform like as inVision or Pixate which easily convey the look and feel of final app. Such platforms have no direct relation with the code.

These just can represent a design of the end product which sometimes is not feasible. Compelling visual app designs can be the central frame of reference for app itself.

When a prototype design identifies the look as well as functionality of the app, it seems to be a mandatory tool for communication with customers. Once the code is implemented, then huge development time as well as budget is spent on other things that can be thrown away.

It includes the resources used to develop a design which after several corrections is selected for final app. When there’s a disconnection between the code and development process then it becomes easier for designers to create animation, UI concept as well as rich media.

Designing without Improper data:

While designing the app, designers tend to use numbers, images which best showcase how the final app will look like. They actually forget how different and improper the user inputs can be. Sometimes user inputs can actually make the app look useless.

Certain data and design problems are spotted only once the app is active in beta testing. If the developer is lucky then once the app is available in App store, it can be used by the users. Regular updates are needed to keep app running. Yes, it’s a time consuming update but is mandatory for both designers as well as developers.

Always create real apps not Designs:

When it comes to real app creations then designers have to learn proper code. However, this is not the thing; what is actually necessary is to understand the apps properly from basic to its entire programming.

One must understand that app development is very complex process. A simple organic process is required where designers and developers must work together to develop a compelling and exciting app.

Wind Up

This approach must be applied to develop apps in a proper manner and it is useful for businesses where android app development is the only thing that company deals into. If you wish to get proper android apps developed from experts then stay in touch with Softqube Technologies, Android app development company in India.

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