Choose The Best Customized Framework for Building Your Own App

September 14, 2016

Choose The Best Customized Framework for Building Your Own App

Android developers are always in a dilemma when it comes to choosing a framework for developing an app using Android. The question that keeps on hitting them is which one will be the best to make one? Deploying an app is not easy since we all know that it’s very complex to understand and this framework is just a part of the picture, but the truth is that it makes the entire experience flexible and easy with its simple code and functions. Since Android is an open source platform, the popularity is growing steady now and also there are many mobile application developers that make the best use of such platforms. Android apps has almost conquered the whole world and so is the Android application development in India is growing. Most of the start-ups rely on free app development tools and technologies that are available in the market so it becomes easy for them to take up Android development projects easily.

Some of the frameworks that are widely used

One of the reasons why Android is better than the others is that it gives us the feature of flexibility. The application that we develop using this platform can run on many different devices. So when you try to decide which Android app framework is to be used, we should think about many things like the language the framework allows development in, the kind of flexibility it has, its track record and many more. Find out some of the best frameworks below that are available:

    1. Appcelator Titanium: This is one the best cross-platform tool kits that is available for mobile app development. This framework depends on web technologies like HTML, Java Script, CSS and many others. You can use this framework for building native applications for many smartphones for both IOs and Android platforms. It is an open source framework that is available for free and is in great demand.
    2. JQuery Mobile: This is a touch-optimized framework that has been developed on jQuery library. It allows programmers to create mobile web applications for platforms like Android, iOS, Windows phone and Blackberry. You also use this framework along with standards such as HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and AJAX. This app helps you to write smaller lines of code and helps you to design with the features that it offers.

Best Android Application Development Framework

  1. CoronaSDK: This is also a best choice for all beginners since it’s easy to develop applications in record time. Development is not done in any standard language but instead it is done in Lua which is very easy to understand and adapt to. It is also commonly used by game developers but not to worry you can use it with other applications too.
  2. The App Builder: This framework is very easy to understand and it uses the famous standard called HTML5. So the list of Android development frameworks is incomplete without The App builder. It has a codeless interface which in turns allows for faster development. The biggest advantage that this framework provides is that you can submit your application directly to Google Play.
  3. Phone Gap: This is also an open source framework which is being used in building various cross platform mobile applications. The developers here make use of HTML, CSS and JavaScript for creating innovative and rich apps. This framework is just perfect for beginners who want to start with mobile application development rather than using a complex device specific compiled language.

Remember that every mobile application framework has its own sets of advantages and disadvantages. And while you might be excited to write your own lines of code, then better relax and think that the Android application development in India is also changing fast.

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