Essential Planning Checklist for Website Development

July 2, 2015

Essential Planning Checklist for Website Development

When you decide to develop any website, there are certain things that you must know that will help you to create a good professional website. Creating a perfect website is the first step towards successful project delivery.

Before creating a new web development project, it’s necessary to make a note of the needs and requirements of the clients and based on that the entire planning is done. To make the project successful, it’s necessary to have an experienced team who can go with the process not for the sake of design and development but as well as for the long term support even when the website is live.

To make the website planning process easy, here we have included a checklist that will ensure you to create a perfect professional website and the list is as follows:

Checklist for creating a perfect web development plan:

  • Get an idea and then get a plan: When you start any business, the root is planning. It’s necessary to make proper planning as will show the execution quality. Nearly 30-40% of the time is spent in planning.

    Have some idea and then start planning to make that idea successful. Create the plan, decide the goals and do lots of research. It’s also advisable to take a look at competition or getting in touch with people who are using the website.

  • Develop a sitemap: A sitemap is a list of web pages that show the hierarchy of content as well as functionality. It is like a family tree having homepage on the top. Know the users journey and ensure that your website has a smooth navigation process that allows visitors to easily access the content.
  • Think about Content: After creating the sitemap; you will be aware about the content that is needed in your website. It is advisable to create a content strategy. You may find several pitfalls.

    Always assign the task to professional people who have good writing skills. Decide whether you can do it on your won or will need the help of any agency.

  • Marketing: Developing a website, creating content and then making it work is what is necessary. Marketing makes the website work for you. Proper marketing efforts be it offline or online must be made.

    Now days, people opt for digital marketing strategy which includes SEO, PPC, online display, email marketing, press releases, sponsorship and more.

  • Website Management: So, now your website is live and once you have developed a website then it’s necessary to be managed for life time. At regular intervals the software needs to be updated, websites to be scanned for security, content to be updated on regular basis, quick and proper response to be given to the inquiries and more.
  • Frame a timeline: Based on the timeline, one can smoothly work on the project instead of running haphazardly to complete the tasks and so make sure to keep a deadline for each and every task so as to complete the project within given time frame.
  • Frame your Budget: Write the project brief to know about the budget. The budget should meet the ambition and once decided , always get in touch with a firm with the project brief as well as the budget so that they can get idea if it’s feasible to them or not.

Wind up;

Hope this checklist will help you to develop a proper website that suits your business and in case you need any further guidance about website development or need one developed from experts then get in touch with Softqube Technologies, Web Design India.

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