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26 Apr

Cinemagraphs: Newest Innovative Format for Content Strategy

Cinemagraph; the name seems to be familiar. Yes, if you have seen the Harry Potter movies then you might have seen cinemagraph and if not then don’t worry, here we will explain you what exactly it is and how it can be adopted in the content strategy?

What is Cinemagraphs

What is Cinemagraph?

Have you ever seen those photographs in the newspaper which look like they are real? Yes, this is the off page Cinemagraph and same ones can be developed in the form of digital cinemagraphs. For video producers and designers, developing beautiful content is a work of fun and joy.

And hence they strive to develop cinemagraphs that actually get some amazing reactions from audiences like “Ahhh!” what a beauty! These cinemagraphs serve as photographs on web page and generate more user attraction thus leading to maximum user engagement.

These cinemagraphs create more interest as compared to normal corporate name tags or photos. Cinemagraph basically is a living photograph. These are high quality GIF files which can be used anywhere on a page without any need of a video player while still certain actions are live in the photograph and are continuous without getting stopped.

In the entire photograph, one part is playing constantly while the rest image is still. Cinemagraph has a subtle movement and hence this makes it ideal for advertising any beauty products, recipes and slideshows.

An example of Cinemagraph is as follows:

So, how can you create a successful Cinemagraph? And further how these cinemagraphs can be actually useful to promote your business?

Developing Successful Cinemagraphs:

Before actually developing the cinemagraph, make sure to imagine an image coming to reality and for this, it is necessary to have certain still elements along with some animated parts. One single static image in the background of a single movable element cannot serve the purpose.

Also, the movement must be subtle as too much movement can also worsen the effect and for this one can use a video file or any animated GIF. Further, make sure the movement is unending. Certain movements of an image may be duplicated while editing the image so as to create a seamless loop.

There are various types of cinemagraphs like as Custom Stand Alone Cinemagraphs, Series of Cinemagraph and Content oriented ones.

How Cinemagraphs can be used to increase visitors?

We all know content is a king and if the content includes such innovative things that explain things in a better way then yes people will love to see such things and they will be strongly attracted towards your website.

Cinemagraphs serve to be great final product shots. So, try to use such innovative things in your website along with the content as this easily explains the content and also tempts public to visit your website again and again, also visitors stay for long on the websites where they see something new.

Trying new things, including new things, making your website something different from others is really a wonderful thing and so it’s necessary to keep providing something new, something different to the people so that they get stick with you.

Wind Up

Cinemagraphs are really interesting, aren’t they? Are you thinking to use this innovative format in your content strategy and make your website more attractive? If yes, then stay connected with us to know more about cinemagraphs.
Next we will include the budget and production requirements for cinemagraphs. So, stay tuned for more updates. Till then, have a nice weekend ahead…

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