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What Challenges are Faced by Developers During Android App Development Process?

October 7, 2015

What Challenges are Faced by Developers During Android App Development Process?

Technology is being used in various ways by human beings in every field. Several wireless technologies are useful in getting connected with each other. With the increased use of smartphones, the usage of internet on mobile devices has increased.

Now, one device can be used for many tasks. These smart phones come with preloaded mobile apps and these apps perform all the necessary actions which can be done using laptop and desktop. For example: Various document apps are available with allow users to do all the similar tasks such writing in word, calculating in excel as well as preparing presentation in PowerPoint.

Basic mobile applications include Gmail, calendar, clock, weather information and more. Huge demand in the usage of mobile apps directed developers to develop these apps and so now we can see many app developers around us involved into development of such mobile apps.

Mobile apps are of three types: Native apps, Web based as well as hybrid apps. Native apps are available live on the device. These applications are available on any application store. Using smart phones for education purpose has become a trend now.

Let’s consider developing an educational android app:

Developing mobile applications can be sometimes very difficult task. Here, we have considered developing an educational app that must be user oriented where one can log in and begin the test after selecting the subject. Every question has the time frame of one minute.

The test must be answered within the given time frame and once submitted, the correct answers are displayed. If the question is not answered within specific time frame then the next question will appear.

Such apps are to be developed using latest android platforms and the language used is Java or HTML. For backend system, SQTLite is used. For android environment, it is mandatory to have java on your system.

Here, one can use JDK SE development kit 7. Code is written with the help of an editor like as Eclipse. Once this editor is used then the need arises to connect Android development kit with the editor and it is done with ADT plugins.

One can make use of Plugin developer tools available for developers. Developers can create different app modules such as:

  • User Login module: Here, user has to first register by clicking on the Register where he/she needs to add name, email address, mobile number and password. Apps with such modules will be available for registered users only.
  • Admin module: Users who login as administrators can post new questions by choosing a particular area as well as subject related to a particular area.

Challenges faced by developers:

It sometimes is a hard process to develop apps for multiple devices as different properties are to be set for different devices. Every android device has different version and hence while developing apps, version details are to be checked.

Android App Development

Further, the android application is also tested on various android platforms. Support for HTML5 must also be checked. Also, there’s a need to check emulators issue; which offer hardware environment for android apps.

The app size also is one of the biggest challenges faced by developers while creating android apps as it is very difficult to store huge data within less size. Also, the apps must be secured as android malware can attack it.

Wind Up

So, if you are an android app developer and wish to become an expert in this field then do read this blog post as here we have highlighted all the possible challenges that are faced by developers during the development phase.

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