Boost Your Web Design Strategy Using Demographic Data

April 6, 2016

Boost Your Web Design Strategy Using Demographic Data

While developing a website that is effective for your business; it is necessary to have demographic data. This data helps to define the target audience and understand the type of visitors who are accessing your page.

If you are a business owner or a website designer; it is necessary to tailor your website design towards the correct consumer base and for that one must have accurate demographics.

Even if your website designing is outstanding; at times it may not get the interest of ideal customer, sales and conversions will fall flatly. Let’s look at the relationship between demographic data and effective web design:

Boost Your Web Design Strategy

The importance of Demographic Data:

It is a simple form of data that one can collect from audience. Basic questions like as gender, age, location, keywords for which your customers are searching for can help you to use the principles of search engine optimization to the most of your advantage.

With demographic data, one can define design elements like as the colours our target market will give best response to; ideal user experience for average customer’s technical savviness.

With this data, one can gear the website’s content and meta data towards the most searched keywords and terms.

Data which carries out the design:

Basically, there are two types of data: Quantitative data and qualitative data. Quantitative data provides numerical trends whereas qualitative data offers behavioural trends. Both are necessary for an overall web design strategy.

Quantitative Review:

In a nutshell; we can say that quantitative data is the one that shows basic information about visitors and this is how you find out how the visitors are; from where they came and what did they do after being redirected or landed on your website.

This information is available via review and analysis of quantitative data that includes demographics or by directly soliciting the opinions as well as perspectives of visitors.

Applying Necessary Metrics:

It is necessary to note that all the data in the world doesn’t do any good unless it is used to answer specific targeted questions. The main key is to start with solid understanding of what is to be achieved from the data or what questions one is trying to answer.

With specific measurements; it becomes easier to understand whether the website design is successful or not. Ask what the intention is behind every website page. Here, we have mentioned few metrics that can help you to determine your design effectiveness and where this must be able to take further action in order to get aligned with the needs and interests of visitors.

Majority of visitors:

This changes the familiarity tone which can be used along with assumptions that one can make about the users. New users will need a brief business introduction whereas those that are aware about your brand may be simply looking to see whether they are providing anything new.

Bounce Rate: The bounce rate is calculated by taking number of visitors that enter the domain page however leave before further exploring the website and then dividing it with total page views.

High bounce rate show that your homepage is unable to attract more visitors or compel them to take further actions.
Further, web pages with higher views will help you to get information about the type of design and content that is liked the most by viewers. These insights can then be used to plan success.

Most common paths to your site:

Most of the visitors who make the purchase follow the same action path through your site. Users who exit the site are exiting from same location. This information must be used to focus on design that can redirect them towards the other.

Take Away

Demographic details is useful to understand what attracts visitors to your website and what they do once they arrive there and why do they return. So, next time before you plan any strategy for your business; try to collect as much demographic data as you can and then use it for your strategy.

Hope this blog post from well known web design company India, Softqube Technologies will play an important role in providing you a perfect path that can help you to develop result oriented web design strategy.

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