Best Uses of Enterprise Java Application

March 31, 2014

Java is very admired and effective programming language for developing applications. Today, it is used everywhere from the web system to mobile phone for offering a better browsing experience to users. Now, let’s talk about Java J2EE (Java version 2 Enterprise Edition) which is preferred worldwide by large and small corporations, governments, agencies, and individual developers for developing and deploying enterprise java applications with multi-tiered, reliable, scalable, and secure network.

An enterprise application is a large software system platform intended to operate in a corporate environment such as business or government. Security and reliability are the most notable features of enterprise application that often make these complex applications. Using Java EE platform, developers can reduce the complexity of enterprise application development with API, development model and runtime environments and concentrate on functionality. It is standard-based platform used to build robust and highly scalable distributed applications that support everything from core banking operations to airline booking engines.

However, creation of enterprise Java applications requires comprehensive knowledge of java platform and enterprise edition (Java EE) technology as well as large educational investment and experience with a few nontrivial projects. So, it becomes difficult to get handle on, but outsourcing talented and skilled developers, you can accomplish java-based application projects very quickly and easily. As, they possesses complete knowledge of technical context of the Java EE and relevant technologies and strategies required to develop application blueprints and design pattern.

J2EE offers plethora of frameworks, incorporated development environments (IDEs), convenience libraries, and tool options to develop large, reliable, scalable and secured applications known as enterprise applications. It is an ideal solution for developing the high-performance application that scalable with respect to workloads generated by user traffic. Business and organization can use this application to overcome their IT problems.

Let’s take a look at the use of Enterprise Java Application:

  • Internet shopping and payment processing
  • Computerized billing systems
  • Interactive product catalogs
  • Content management and switching modules
  • IT service management
  • Resource planning
  • Security
  • Human resource management
  • Business intelligence
  • Manufacturing
  • Business process management
  • Forms automation
  • Application integration
  • Sales force automation
  • Enterprise resource planning

Benefits of Enterprise Java Application

  • Web Application Standard
  • Access to Ready Components
  • Performance and Scalability
  • Portability
  • System Integration Support

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