Developer Friendly Applications: Android or iOS

September 1, 2014

Days are such that one cannot live without mobiles, it has become an addiction as now for every single task we are relied on applications may be finding any location, task reminders, ordering pizzas online, online shopping and much more. Now, this has made us very lazy!!! But, now this is the need as life is very busy (actually it is not but we say so).

So, friends let’s enter into the world of applications and know which ones are really useful and user as well as developer friendly. Generally, we use both android as well as iOS depending on our likes but which are one’s are really developer friendly.

A normal glance on such custom applications that are developer friendly Applications:

Developer Friendly Custom Applications:

As with increase in the usage of mobile applications, the demand for mobile app developers also increases. We have huge variety of mobile app development platforms to choose from yet the most popular are iOS and Android.
This article will help industry freshers to know the applications and the platform that must be selected to develop these apps: Android or iOS. Our article covers all the answers related to it. So, here is the catch:

  • Based on Programming Language: Applications developed on Android generally use Java as a programming language, a very popular and developer friendly programming language. So, it is very simple to develop android apps.

    Considering iOS device, applications developed for Apple iOS uses Objective language C and as this is not a developer friendly language , sometimes it is difficult to create mobile applications for iOS.

  • Cross Platform Applications: Cross platform applications are very popular during these days yet you cannot use Android applications on iPhone and iOS applications cannot be used on Android devices. So, it is advisable to develop applications for particular platform only.
  • Application Development Platform: In case of Android application development platform, it serves as an open development platform that makes it easy for app developers to integrate third party tools. This helps them to add more features to the applications while considering Apple iOS, it doesn’t allow to integrate other third party tools. As a result, we can only have limited features.

    So, applications developed on android are more creative, interactive and innovative as compared to the apps that are developed on iOS.

  • Multi Tasking Abilities: Android platform provides more flexibility than iOS . It empowers mobile app developers to develop one for many applications i.e. single app used for doing multiple tasks. However, creating such applications needs expert knowledge and so only those who are experienced enough in this field can actually develop such apps.

    On the other hand, iOS platform is reliable as it provides reliable assistance to developers to build multi-tasking apps.

  • Checking your mobile application: Once the app is created then it must be tested to make sure that it serves the purpose for which it was created. So, in order to do the app testing, android provides a set of tools with proper indexing. This empowers developers to get the app tested entirely for any bugs or fixes.

    While Apple iOS fails to provide such flexibility and features for testing applications.

  • App Approval: Once the application is thoroughly tested and everything is perfect then the time arrives to get it approved by the respective platform Android or iOS.

    Apple iOS takes 3-4 weeks to approve an App! It’s really amazing as android approves those in no time.

Wrap up

Everything in this world has negative and positive points so does Android and iOS have. However, depending on the clients’ needs; custom application developers can create apps on both the platforms as needed.

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