A Battle of Being the Best between PHP, Python and Ruby

January 4, 2015

PHP Over the past, the world has taken a different turn, people have now defined the use of radio and television and they are cashing on to the opportunities leveraged by the internet services. The Internet is one technology that has taken the world by surprise, from the innocuous beings to the intellectual, everyone is under its spell and all of them are incessantly using it for creating something that has a specific value in the world.

While the e-commerce is on a rise, a lot of amateurs are trying their hands of freelancing, blogging and internet marketing. In order to master any of these and acquire a huge set of revenue, one will be required to develop some intricate knowledge about the subject and when I talk about the subject I am not limiting my conversation to the usages of the internet and to the optimization of the search engines, I talk about the algorithms and also about the innocuous codes that are making up to these giant sites.

PHP, Ruby and Python are some of the amazing tools that are helping the computer geeks in changing the world from the comfort of their home. We are going to carry out an intricate discussion over the potential of all these.


Hypertext Pre Processor is the most widely used developing language when it comes to developing dynamic pages of a site. This language develops a cozy relationship between the interface of the site and the database. The plug-ins and the features are designed to make the flow of data from database to user interface.

Some of the common advantages of PHP can be listed as

  • Easy to learn, available for free under the protected license of PHP.
  • The world moves on PHP, hence it gets easier to merge two or more sites for a specific role.
  • Higher API rate.
  • Works on all servers and has a lot of in-build plugins that makes the movement graceful.


  • Lack of trouble shooter.
  • Fails in developing desktop apps.


A high level language, it has a lot of complexities, but the outcome is always amusing. Very few lines of code in Python can do wonders.


  • Readable syntax and it is very easy to learn.
  • High quality community support and free resources for function enhancement.
  • Easy development with applications after measuring the circumstances.
  • Object oriented approach in development.


  • Lack of multi-processor function.
  • Database limitations.
  • Slower when compared to other competitive languages like Java and PHP.


It is an open source language and in the recent past it has acquired some amazing reviews. The language requires a platform known as Rail for incomparable functioning, which is one of the reasons why people defy the use of the same.


  • Ability to get embedded into higher languages like HTML, it is open source and has the capability to work on multiple platforms.
  • Super advanced string supports the text multiplication and makes it more viable.
  • Cool and amazing relation to varied databases like SQL and DB2.
  • A very clean and easy syntax structure which leads to the development of an exquisite site.


  • Learning is troublesome.
  • Lack of resources.
  • Lack of tool support and updates.

Final Note

With this blog post, we are sure to provide you sufficient details regarding the programming language to be selected for your needs. Select the one that you seem to be fulfilling your needs. To get best PHP Development Services, stay in touch with one of the most remarkable PHP Web Development firms, Softqube Technologies.

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