Laravel 5.0.1: Most Demanding Framework for PHP Development
Amazing Features of Laravel 5.0.1 Framework for Enterprise App Development

Amazing Features of Laravel 5.0.1 Framework for Enterprise App Development

Laravel is a PHP framework that has become popular in a very short span of time. It is the most demanding PHP application development framework due to its speed, quick institution and extension ability.

The PHP development company, India makes use of this free open source web app development application as it follows MVC pattern. It is the latest web app framework with advanced query syntax, and it makes web development very simple. It is essential for developing web applications of different sectors like tourism, finance, education, etc.

Laravel for Web Artisans

Features of 5.0.1 reveals why PHP framework is an ideal choice for developing enterprise web app:

  • New structure of directory: Laravel 5.0.1 has an entirely new structure as it uses PSR – 4 auto loading standards that are meant for all classes and are also namespace. This version has moved configuration, storage, and database folders from the app folder in a new structure. Apart from this, it also offers new resource folder for maintaining language and template files.
  • Route caching: PHP Development Company witnessed fast application route registration. This feature is ideal for development projects that have a large number of routes. Once route caching is turned on, any change made to application route does not have any effect. Routing caching is implemented as part of the deployment process.
  • Inbuilt authentication system: Authentication is the most important part of the web application as developers spend lots of time for authentication of codes for any enterprise system. Authentication becomes simpler with laravel 5.1 as it has inbuilt authentication. Developers just need to configure database, controllers and models to make their system functional.
  • Multiple support for file system Laravel 5 offers support for multiple file system and uses third party packages for supporting multiple files. It offers the option for developers to use local or cloud-based storage for simple configuration. The developers can also set storage options in the config or filesystems.php file.
  • Improved method of injection: Lots of improvement has been made in method injection with Laravel 5.0.1. The web developers should demand inversion of control for class instance. However, now they can declare the hinted class instance in the controller method’s signature.

Apart from the mentioned above, there are several other features of Laravel like the contract, queue and task schedule, request object, etc. Indian PHP development company has noticed a great change from the architectural perspective. Companies like Softqube Technologies provide quick and accurate web development service using Laravel. Avail these services now.

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