Which are the Features of Laravel a PHP Framework?
Why Laravel is Considered as the Best PHP Framework?

Why Laravel is Considered as the Best PHP Framework?

We all are familiar with PHP to be the best programming language for developing web applications. There are enormous web application frameworks developed using PHP. One of them is Laravel.

Among the ones used on regular basis, Laravel is used widely. Laravel came into existence in 2012 and was quickly adopted by PHP lovers. As soon as Laravel arrived, people started leaving CodeIgnitier behind.

Best PHP Framework

Laravel’s version 4 is just amazing; as reviewed by expert PHP developers. So, what’s so unique in this version that has made it so popular? Let’s take a look at its features:

Features of Laravel:

  1. Composer: Laravel 4 depends a lot on various external packages useful for its functionality. In order to ensure this, it uses Composer as a dependency manager. For beginners; it makes extremely easy to get a new project to work on.

    Just download the zip file from the web or similar files from github and memorize the URL and tFeatures of Laravel Then all you have to do is use this command:

    composer create-project laravel/laravel your-project-name –prefer-dist

    A complete copy of Laravel is then available. It seems to be complicated but it is not. Once the project is created then there will be only few commands that we need to know:

    • composer install
    • composer update

    Among these two commands, the first one helps in entire project set up and download all its dependencies that are needed to run it. Further, the Laravel Core has some external packages which are all pulled in with composer at the time of installation. This includes:

    • Symfony
    • Whoops
    • Doctrine

    Here, it becomes very easy to bring another package in the laravel application by altering the composer.json file. It is one of the packages that one can include in the application during development.

    Using Laravel with composer is all of Laravel’s core components that are available separately on illuminate GitHub repository.

  2. Artisan: Apart from this, command line is one of the most powerful tools for any developer. Using Artisan, Laravel is easily able to use command line in different ways to run many different tasks.

    Just type “PHP Artisan” in the terminal window and you will get various options.

    ... command
    command: make Create a new Artisan command
    config:publish Publish a package's configuration to the application controller
    controller:make Create a new resourceful controller db db:seed Seed the database with records
    key:generate Set the application key
    migrate migrate:install Create the migration repository
    migrate:make Create a new migration file
    migrate:refresh Reset and re-run all migrations
    migrate:reset Rollback all database migrations
    migrate:rollback Rollback the last database migration ...

    Apart from these commands, one can also make its own command line tools.

  3. Migrating Database & ampSeeds: Here, one drawback is it becomes really difficult to have synchronization between development machines as well as database.

    Laravel Migrations made this easy. At the end of the day when there are various changes to be made to the database then this framework is useful as compared to MYSQL.

    This doesn’t serve the purpose and doesn’t allow you synchronize databases among development machines. The moment all of the database migration work is kept in migration and seeds, one can easily shift the changes into any other development machine that one has.

    One of the positive aspect of this is database can be kept easily under control.

Take Away:

Because of these few reasons only; Laravel has become an important PHP framework which is adopted by most of PHP developers. For more such details, stay tuned with Softqube Technologies; a well known PHP web development services provider in India.

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