Some Amazing things about jQuery

May 21, 2015

Some Amazing things about jQuery

9 years ago, web development language known as jQuery was launched and then after open source project made an immense impact in the world of web development. Today, we are going to take a look at some jQuery facts which are as follows:

Some Amazing things about jQuery

Some interesting facts about jQuery:

  1. jQuery was previously known as jSelect: In the initial stages, jQuery was known as jSelect and later it was transformed to JQuery which later was converted into jQuery.
  2. Previously jQuery had Creative Commons License: This license is associated with creative works. Stock photos, icon sets, UI kits and similar things. CC licenses are not well satisfactory for open source code and there were also other open source licensing options available.

    People at Creative Commons believe that free and open source licensing like MIT or GPL for software are useful along with creative commons and hence later the license for jQuery was transferred from Creative Commons to MIT.

  3. jQuery was developed without any version control: Can you imagine any open source project to be released without using a version control system? But jQuery was one of the open source projects that was released without any such control system.
  4. jQuery was also the name of another project: When jQuery was launched, another project called Java SQL library also had the similar name. But, later this came to attention that there was a JQuery name for another project as well.
  5. Launched in New York City: The initial launch of this web development programming language was conducted on January 14, 2006 at a technology conference known as BarCamp located in New York City.
  6. Highly inspired by various open source projects: JQuery was influenced by several other open source projects which are as follows:
    • Prototype JavaScript
    • XPath
    • Behaviour.js

    Prototype is active even today while others are no longer developed. XPath reached W3C recommendation in 1999.

  7. Basic jQuery methods are timeless: One of the recommended jQuery methods are .CSS, .toggle, .show() and .hide() are supported even today in API. Still, several changes were done in jQuery’s API and no other change was ever introduced after that.
  8. Previously jQuery had no Ajax Functionality: Till the mid of 2000s, asynchronous web apps were in demand and not these are the most demanded ones. For editing a single content, the entire website page was to be reloaded.

    In order to avoid reloading entire pages to update a small portion, many testings were done but even then jQuery didn’t include any Ajax functionality in the initial stages.

  9. The most important fact- jQuery makes Web Development easy: The syntax of jQuery is very concise and straightforward. Choosing and running on the DOM took a few lines of the code due to the functioning of $ ( ) function.

    It’s not necessary to instantiate an object to clench the selected elements, loop through the object. Initially Prototype was used with jQuery. But, the development tasks accomplished quickly with jQuery and hence it becomes easy to work with freshers as well as less experienced people on the board.

Wind Up

This shows how easy jQuery is and why it is more popular among the web developers. If you wish to get your web development project accomplished from experts then you can get in touch with Softqube Technologies, Web Development Company India.

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