Adjust With The Transformed COVID 19 Impacted World

April 20, 2020

Adjust With The Transformed COVID 19 Impacted World

Who would have thought that 2020 would begin with a pandemic? Now, suddenly it seems that the impossible can become real, like a third world war or the end of the world. COVID 19 Stories seem to be turning real!

The large scale shutting down of businesses across most countries globally because of the pandemic means many things. It is clear that change is in the air. Sweeping changes have already happened, mostly for the worse in economic terms. Larger businesses may possess the financial ability to weather temporary storms, but the smaller ones are not so lucky. Succeeding across difficult times like the COVID 19 outbreak will undoubtedly make us stronger in the long run. The need of the moment is to find health and spiritual guidance and exploit new techniques like online resources.

Consider a Few Urgent Strategies

Deliver suitable timely messages

Clarify doubts, firstly about whether the business is still functioning amidst the crisis. Customers need reassurance about health policies to be convinced of their safety. Will they receive cheaper deliveries, perhaps at the curb? What about social distancing? Communicate through several social media channels and offer solace to anxious customers.

Offer help at this dark hour

Amidst a mighty crisis, how can your company help in society? Community expectations include helping frontline workers and redesigning strategies to help fix the many problems that occur.  Shut down the business temporarily if need be.

Shutting down business for how long?

The suspense remains as to how long the shutdown will last and for which sectors. Maybe a yearlong shutdown? Products and services would still be required to lead a normal life. How will customers reach the business to meet their needs? The answer is the convenient digital media, and the changed approaches would require software tools.

COVID 19Changing Customer Demands During the COVID 19 Circumstances 

Obviously, consumer priorities are changing fast in keeping with the new situation. In these exceptional times, people are finding new approaches to save money. They are shopping for a different range of things. Look at some.

  • Searching for home-based activities in COVID 19

A compelled prolonged homestay only means that you need interesting things to do. Keeping busy productive is the intention. Indoor games and exercise equipment are some of the avenues. Exploring new home activities like learning art has become common. DIY kits are finding huge markets with creative home-based crafts. Small businesses are thriving with clever, timely approaches.

  • Keeping busy in the kitchen

Food basically unites people. Being professionally free at home with ample time on their hands, why not experiment with DIY cooking? Gadgets and kits, manuals and accessories connected with the kitchen are in great demand. Bread makers are selling very fast, like exotic digital toys.

  • Developing personality skills

With an education in schools and colleges reaching a full stop for the session, many have turned to self-development to remain proactive. While online software-based courses cost quite a bit, it is a big opportunity for smaller courses. If the teacher already has the online experience, it is a great moneymaking moment with lots of dedicated demand.

  • Keep busy with browsing and shopping

Some online companies have closed temporarily, but many are getting a booming response and expanding operations with new staff. Delivery apps too, are doing roaring business. The truth, according to experts, is that many online shoppers are doing it for the first time through compulsion. They had avoided technology for shopping in the past. The future will certainly have many more online shoppers, and that is a positive sign.

  • Boost for local delivery apps

Some companies now witness a 150% increase in customer count. Reliance on local delivery apps for food has reached an all-time high. Fast and convenient, the high standards of efficiency and ‘no contact delivery’ attracts very many customers.

Shifting Business Online Via 4 Potent Networks


Setting up E-commerce websites

E-commerce is an easy and affordable, convenient and hassle-free online selling technique. Whether it is selling food products or goods and commodities, numerous companies have been doing it successfully for years. Free shipping attracts many though the prices of the items can be adjusted. Online payments work well with a Stripe processor. Complete details that the customers usually want to know should be displayed online, like weights and ingredients.

Powerful images, along with quality descriptions in a simple format, will help in the online shop. Shopify or Squarespace will assist in setting up the DIY online store.

Strategies for Industries

Food outlets
  •   Ensure super-fast delivery times
  •   Keep delivery app and costs low
  •   Frozen and re-heatable meals attract many
  •   Specify menus and ingredients in detail
  •   Display attractive food photographs
Retail sales
  •   Offer free delivery even with small purchases
  •   Link up with financial companies
  •   Encourage options for buying expensive products
  •   Display high-quality multiple angle photos

Display Order/Booking Forms on Websites

How will customers order for products on the website? Simple procedures work best. The order form should contain custom fields where customers need to select options. Delivery or pickup options should sound attractive. Online payments simplify and speed up the process. Landing pages and website navigation should be an easy, stress-free process.

Help with formatting menu, photos and landing pages; forms come from WIX and Squarespace.

Strategies for Industries

  • Caterers launch bulk orders for dinner choices and facilitate options like types of meat or dessert.
  • Retail sellers find dynamic and supple shopping for custom products.
  • Services attract free consultations online and attract deposits through forms.

Selling Online Video Programs

Why not use the various video conferencing facilities to promote a variety of classes for tutoring or physical workouts, yoga and meditation? Based on alluring websites, offer lessons through Zoom or Google Hangouts, Go-To-Meeting, etc. The video learning activity is widely practised with experienced instructors and their faithful customers. Procedures for enrolment, payments and sessions should be simple. Offer interesting discounts, gifts and takeaways to encourage loyal customers.

Shopify and Squarespace would facilitate landing pages and Stripe and help with payment collections.

Strategies for Industries

  • Programs for children no longer enrolled in school
  • Videos facilitate a classroom-like experience
  • The community feeling is derived from participation
Fitness Programs
  • Promote exercises doable in apartments
  • Work without the need for equipment
  • Reasonable charges are similar to real class experiences


Generate incomes through downloads and memberships

With downloads becoming a global passion, offer a variety of ebooks and videos for downloads on easy terms. A one-time payment at an online portal should allow students to benefit. Like most websites, create different levels of memberships. Encourage participation through chat and discussion boards on a particular range of subject niches.

WordPress plugins are excellent but are not very easy to use.

Strategies for Industries


         Certificate courses in particular areas

         Assessment in digital systems


         Social participation and forums promote and take

         Free and Premium memberships sound attractive


         Gather relevant study and training materials

         Attract parents concerned about student free time

Cooperation with the authorities and health department would help mitigate the continuing adverse effects of the COVID 19 pandemic. Getting rid of stress, promoting peaceful home stay and an environment-friendly world does not help businesses in their search for profit. Adjusting to the future now and after the pandemic concludes requires greater resilience and immense adoption of digital technologies. We might still win the battle despite the presently bleak global scenario. Get in touch with us!

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