Remarkable SEO Trends of 2014

January 7, 2015

So, now it’s time to say GoodBye 2014 and Welcome 2015. We are actually unaware what 2015 has in treasure for us in SEO field. This is really a surprise whether this coming year will be fruitful or again Google will launch sudden algorithm changes. Never knows what will happen? But, we can say that this 2014 was really a year of surprises if we think with an SEO centric mind.

Why are we saying this? You will know this easily from today’s blog post. Read on and discover what things 2014 has given to SEO and what has made this year a remarkable one?

Google SEO 2014

2014 SEO Trends Round Up

During year 2014, we saw reduction in the authorship for Pigeon, one of the local search updates by Google. On the other hand, we saw spurt in the usage of general answer boxes as well as Google’s ability to recognize common language quickly and perfectly.

The confidence by Google is clearly revealed during automatic updates in industries like finance. This can be one of the most important developments in the entire history as it predicts many new possibilities based on how we search and find the results.

There were many factors that led to negative SEO which requires much focus on the area. This results in to more developments in the field. The main thing is the people who were the medium of communication between SEO community and search engines.

There is news that Matt Cutt has extended his leave till 2015. It’s a matter of doubt whether he’ll be back to Google or not and same with Bing, Duane Forrester is no longer present there.

Let’s take a look at all the 2014 SEO Trends in Detail

  • Guest Blogging to be avoided as per Matt Cutts and using this SEO technique can lead to serious consequences.
  • Rap Genius came back to Google after being penalized by Google for link schemes.
  • New Google bot agent announced by Google for crawling mobile content.
  • SERPs got redesigned for desktop users with big font size especially for title tags, changes in the ads display.
  • Heartbleed Bug was announced and many security softwares were affected leading to serious privacy issues for anyone who is regular internet user.
  • Panda 4.0 was launched; targeting those sites having very poor quality or duplicate content. Some of the well known websites were hit by manual search engine penalty; eBay was one of them to pay the penalty of around $200 million.
  • A new update was released in July that was specifically used to identify local rankings. It was revealed that 60% of direct traffic was organic traffic.
  • New SEO Ranking factors were released by Searchmetrics. This includes informative, high quality content, effective page structure etc. Websites having these features got more rankings while those using only keyword links and social links got less rankings.
  • Organic CTR studies were launched to separate computer and mobile clicks, relevant and irrelevant keywords etc. Penguin was refreshed with a view to filter out unnatural links and web spam.
  • Mobile Friendly Test tool was launched by Google in Google webmaster tools and a label of mobile search for search results derived while using Google on any mobile device.
  • This was the year 2014 for SEO. Hope to see more new updates, sudden shocks and surprises from Google with a wish that Matt Cutts will be back to Google very soon.

In Conclusion

Algorithms updated by Google can definitely affect your website rankings. So, always stay updated with SEO trends and try to imply all or atleast some of them so as to avoid penalties. To stay regularly guided for proper utilization of SEO techniques, stay in touch with Softqube Technologies, Internet Marketing Service Provider India.

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