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Why Microservices Architecture Development?

We have the best developers at Softqube who are highly skilled with Microservices architecture and can smartly understand your business process.

Completing a small task and then messing up things during the integration is the last thing a developer wants. Microservices solutions take care of it very well. Microservice facilitates a developer and user in the following way:

Breaks App into Components

Microservices counter the problems of complexities and handle them by breaking one huge monolithic app into different components or sets of services.


Minor application changes lead to complete app scaling instead of focusing on the required part. With Microservices you scale only a particular area without disturbing the whole system.

Helps Develop a Team

The developing team can focus on a single service independently without getting bogged down on complex business coding workflows and ensure other parts are not disturbed.

Scalability and Deployment Feature

With microservices, you can deploy each microservice independently and enable its scalability independently based on the business needs.

Our Expertise As Microservices Developer

At Softqube, we provide futuristic legacy IT systems by restructuring the apps and deploying them seamlessly to meet digital demands. From building microservices architecture to taking care of its integration, or further enabling customization, we offer everything.

Microservices Assessment

Our microservice assessment services enable teams to develop services by using the technologies they wish to choose. You can assess your architecture, process it, and organize it systematically.

Unlike traditional application development where you might reuse existing code while building new components, or for creating an internal development framework to reduce development effort, microservices help to assess what you build and find ways to improve it by maximizing the benefits and reducing architectural and organization risk.

  • Organizational and Architectural Risks Evaluation
  • Enhancing Microservices Architecture
  • Roadmap Development
  • End-to-end Assessment

Microservices Integration

Microservices is an architectural style that builds and structures an application by collecting loosely coupled services. Each of these implements business capabilities.

With microservice integration, you can enable the delivery and deployment of large and complex applications. You can seamlessly connect and integrate your applications and data now with Softqube. We provide complete API, Data, and integration-engineered solutions for enterprises building their next-gen applications.

  • Modern Comprehensive Integration
  • Good API-led Integration Strategy
  • Loose Coupling and High Cohesion
  • Best Integration Tools Usage

Microservices Migration

With microservices migration, you get different types of monoliths from which some might work and be enough for your business needs. Microservices are all about independent deployability and so is migration.

The right time to migrate monolithic apps to microservices is when your organization is rapidly growing and experiencing productivity issues. With the monolithic system, working on small projects would be easier, but with larger projects microservices migration is inevitable.

  • Migration from legacy system
  • Transparent and Hassle-Free Transfers
  • Talented Tech-Savvy Workforce
  • Appropriate Migration Tech-Stack

Microservices Testing

A microservices architecture creates an application as a collection of services. Each microservice works independently and avails the application programming interfaces to communicate with other services.

Testing a microservice app needs a strategy. This counts not only for the isolated nature of microservices but also is meant for service dependencies. That is the reason why microserive processes often put each microservice into isolation to verify and test its working capacity and then it tests all microservices together.

  • Automated testing with high test coverage
  • API testing
  • Routine regression and security testing
  • Enables fast and quality releases

Microservices Support and Maintenance

Softqube helps you to design an action plan for your development teams to maintain a sustainable quality of microservices.

With our developer's team of skillful experts and having great proficiency in developing apps with microservices, your system becomes free of all dependencies and can perform at its total capacity post migration of your application to a microservices architecture.

  • Personalized Customer Service
  • Instant Customer Support
  • Online & Offline Support
  • 24*7 Full Assistance

Enterprise Microservices Adoptionn

At Softqube, we provide enterprise microservices adoption services to make the procedures automated and the company can provide faster and better services. We focus on the two crucial factors that are speed and dependability.

For enterprises, we ensure to provide robust microservices development that enables the companies to choose quickness, composition possibility, adaptability, comprehensibility, and alignment of the organization. Our streamlined delivery processes and enhanced sales activity strategies help your business achieve consistent workflows.

  • Lightweight API
  • Loosely Coupled Custom Apps
  • DevOps Automation for Continuous Deployment
  • Continuous Delivery

Top Microservices Development Services Offered By Softqube

Completing a small task and then messing up things during the integration is the last thing a developer wants. Microservices care of it very well. Microservice facilitates a developer and user in the following way things.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is meant by Microservices?

    Microservices is a loosely coupled specialized approach to structuring an application as a collection of services by creating single-function modules with well-defined interfaces and operations.

  • What problem does Microservice Solve?

    Microservices mainly solve two types of problems: technical as well as people problems. Technical mainly refers to the infrastructure and process problems that people usually face when integrating microservices, whereas people in terms of efficiency and coordination.

  • Is REST API a Microservice?

    No, REST API is not a microservice and they both refer to very different things. Microservices are more about designing and structuring the system whereas REST API focuses more on exposing those microservices.

  • When will you choose Monolith over Microservices?

    If your business has a large team and needs more complex data-heavy apps, choosing microservices over Monolith would be an advantage.

  • What are the main benefits of a Microservices architecture?

    The main benefits of Microservices architecture are:

    • Continuous Deployment
    • Improved Workflow
    • Parallel Development
    • Higher Scalability
    • Security
  • How does Microservice integrate with AWS?

    There are mainly two ways through which you can integrate microservices into AWS. One is by serverless computing with AWS Lambda and the other by managing a Kubernetes cluster with Docker containers via AWS Fargate.

  • What is Microservices architecture in cloud computing?

    Microservices architecture is a cloud-native architectural platform, consisting of multiple loosely coupled and independently deployable services in a single application.

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