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Cloud Architecture Services

Cloud Architecture Design Sevices

Architecture and design services are one of the most crucial concerns in cloud projects. You need a general overview of the processes and the needed architecture and design methods if you do not want your cloud projects to stumble. Looking at the evolving business strategies every time, it becomes necessary for all types of businesses to develop systems that can scale and adapt quickly. Once the needs are established, Cloud architecture design services help provide a customized business-ready plan that combines infrastructure with platform strategy and increases security, cyber resilience, and management models.

Softqube can facilitate you to avoid the untimely breakdown of systems by evaluating the needs and creating a custom cloud architecture that suits to your business needs. We craft a cloud architecture, that aligns with your business strategy and priorities right at the time of cloud adoption process. Our cloud team is ready to examine the current infrastructure.

Cloud Platform You Can Count On!

With Softqube, you can leverage emerging cloud capabilities such as automation and orchestration. We can help you build a robust cloud infrastructure as per your required customized technical strategy and plans. Cloud computing will allow you to cut unwanted costs and pay only for the utilized resources. Once cloud computing is adopted, you can save thousands of dollars after refusing from the physical servers.

LAs compared to traditional servers, cloud architecture design services can create a measurable impact on your business by defining different metrics such as performance KPIs and much more.


Scale your business according to availability of resources and resize server capacity.

Great Mobility

Have immediate data access via internet, applications or smartphones for ongoing project

Cost Control

Cut exorbitant costs and pay only for resources you utilize and save a lot of money

Our Methodology

With our multi-cloud approach to cloud architecture design, our cloud experts specifically assess your application and requirement of workload. We suggest the right cloud platform accordingly as our team adopts a step-by-step sequential approach to design your cloud.


  • Who will be managing the project development process?

    The cloud service providers manage the entire project development process including the requirements of the cloud computing services. This includes huge data storage, virtual machines, security mechanism, servers, deploying models, etc.

  • Can I get additional support after the cloud platform is launched?

    Yes, with Softqube, we assist you in the maintenance of quality services post-implementation process and ensure the seamless performance of your business operations with security and accuracy.

  • Can I choose a cloud expert instead of the entire team to assist me with the support?

    Yes. At softqube we understand your business requirements and that not all processes need the efforts of the entire team. You can choose the best of our resources to manage your cloud platform.

  • When will you choose Monoliths over microservices?

    Monoliths system most often suits better for a lightweight application. Whereas, microservices is mostly applicable for complex evolving applications with clear domains. We suggest not focusing entirely on the architectural approach

  • Are there any hidden costs that I should be aware of?

    You cannot calculate the exact data transfer costs while setting up a cloud server deal. However, an estimated cost analysis can be done prior the basis on the three main factors that define cloud costs that are Transactions, capacity, and networking.



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