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January 27, 2015

Wireless World future is what we all imagine when it comes to advanced technology. However, there are still certain technology advances pending to achieve that status of living. If we talk about the other side, there are devices which previously ran on cables, now run without cables.

However even though technology is not so advanced to go completely wireless; there are certain tips that will help us to do so. Only some small tweaks are needed and we are done. So, today we are here to discuss about those changes that must be adapted to enjoy wire free future.

Wireless Transfer Devices
Let’s move on…

Wireless Transfers

One of the applications developed by android for wire transfers is known as Airdroid which consists of texting via android phone on PC which is similar to Apple’s iMessage. It also includes file manager which allows direct file transfers in a very smooth manner.

These can be music files, movie files, images, pictures etc. The entire work is wireless and it can be easily with the use of Wi-Fi connection which turns an Android device into a web server on temporary basis while the file transfer is on.

Using Dropbox, Google Drive and other storage devices

There were times when files were stored only at a single place and now is the time when any one can access any file on the go.

Yes, it’s true. There are various online applications available that can store all of the required and important files which need to be accessed every now and then.

These online file storage services are Dropbox, Google Drive, Cloud storage, One Drive by Microsoft and more. One can use them and store files that need to be accessed even when one is unavailable at its own desk.

With Android share, a single file can be shared with more than person. The file will get automatically synchronized with the computer. File is to be added to the cloud storage and then it will appear in the relevant app on the phone so one can easily access it from there.

Making use of ADB commands

Apart from just using any wireless connection, one can also use ADB commands which are mostly used by developers however those who love to do everything Wireless World can use these commands and unlock the root of their android development systems to do various powerful things wirelessly.

It is completely wireless in case if we don’t wish to connect with our computer. ADB commands can be used wirelessly till the time ADB connection is ended. This means phone can be controlled via computer without the need of cable wires.

We can learn more about ADB wireless connection and get instructions from Google’s ADB manual

Charging the Phone wirelessly

Certain Android phones have in built wireless charging hardware which avoids the need to plug in the phone with a charger when its time to provide the battery with its food.

A need to get a compatible wireless charger and keep the mobile phone attached to it. Google’s Nexus and other mobile phones include this wireless charging feature and for those that those contain one, we can easily add this feature.

Wind Up

With these technological devices and features, one can definitely live Wireless World. To know more about such more wireless ideas, stay in touch with Softqube Technologies, a well known Apps Development Company in India.

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