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Dotnet Development

Why .NET Core and C# Are The Next Big Thing

November 19, 2018

Why .NET Core and C# Are The Next Big Thing

With technology becoming a necessity in today’s 21st century, .NET Development and C# have become hot skills. There are a lot of third party vendors that allow you to sync in your knowledge on the development of Android. A lot of people are adopting these services today. Few of them know how to go about with these skills, while others just hire third-party developers to help them create the desired outcome.

.NET Core

What is .NET?

.NET is a Microsoft product and is a web application that allows and supports tons of other programming languages like c, C++, c#. The C# and .net combination, by far have been the most successful and thus, more and more people are opting for these services in today’s fast-moving virtual world.

Why are .NET and C# so famous?

Well, Microsoft is known to be improvising on all their products and .NET development is no exception. If you are not yet convinced, as to why these two are the next big thing, then here are some top reasons that will convince you –

  • The features: There is no doubt in the fact that, today, .NET is the most sought-after technology when it comes to cross-platform synchronization and system support. The programs that are built on this language work at super speed and are always in the top band of performance.
  • .NET unifies API: Not just API, it also works in sync with MVC, WebSocket and other system frameworks as well.
  • C# is simple and user-friendly: This can be said from both angles. It is easy for developers to understand and write codes with this, and it is also easily readable by the end users, once the final code and program are written and released in the market.
  • The programs and languages are versatile: You can use this to just write codes, develop mobile apps, or create web applications. You can also use .NET development for desktop websites.
  • They are suitable for all kinds of platforms: When talking about an extension of versatility, the language and program of .NET and C# can be used on all kinds of platforms – be it Android, Microsoft, iOS, or any other type of platform being used on mobiles and desktops.
  • They sync well with other technological platforms: if you are trying to integrate .NET and C# with other coding languages, then you will be in for a surprise as it syncs perfectly with all other platforms.
  • It is now available on an open source: This is one of the latest changes on .NET development. It is not available on open sources, especially the Github – a community platform for all kinds of developers. Here, they get a chance to interact with each, learn new things, ask queries and share their best practices. You can also share reviews about your experiences about using these languages on various platforms.

Service to look out for when getting your .NET Development done

Below are some basic services that shall be offered to you –

  • The most simple codes are used so that it gives in the best user interface
  • We include maximum UI components supported by Android in order to make the features lively and simple to use by the end customers
  • We include as much as graphics and images as possible
  • The UI modules for every feature is unique – notifications, messages etc – everything has its own coding at the backdrop
  • The final product is well – tested by our testing team, and we, from our end, ensure that it is compatible with all other components like Java, and other software required to run the app

About Android

Android was developed by Google, Open Handset Alliance, and even today, it is single-handedly owned by them. Our teams of experts have gained immense knowledge in this field and today, we take pride in claiming that we are one of the best when it comes to Android Development. Come to us, take our expert advice and then get going, by allowing us to create the best development codes and queries for your products that will run through Android Operating software. Android is one of the friendliest platforms when it comes to usage of .NET and C# and a lot of developers prefer to use this platform for excessive testing of their developed apps and web applications.


Now that you have understood what is.Net and how it is used, what are you waiting for? Get going, and either get a touch on the whole framework yourself or hire one of the best companies that offer .NET Development and you will be sorted. It is not very tough to learn the framework yourself. So, if you have a little time to spare, make use to technology and learn it yourself.

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