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Pre Made Photo-Shop Actions for Web Designers
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Pre Made Photo-Shop Actions for Web Designers

First of all, let’s understand what Photoshop Actions are?

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Website Designers – Photoshop actions are series of steps which are carried out in Photoshop. These are recorded and saved in an action file. These action steps can include anything that you can do in Photoshop.

This can be creating new documents for specific dimensions, image resizing, drawing shapes, applying filters, sketching out any wireframe and saving a file in specific folder on your computer.

Once any action is recorded then it can be played anytime. Photoshop actions can include few steps that have potential to save lots of time and effort. These can also be a good way to avoid the need to remember certain sequences like as optimizing photo, applying any particular effect or creating wireframe layout in new Photoshop file.

These action files can be easily imported and exported in Photoshop software. These are perfect for sharing amongst users. This helps to develop a library of time saving process which can be played at the touch of a button.

Through actions, one can learn more advanced techniques in Photoshop. There are individual steps that make an action and then you can learn everything that is involved in creating certain effect with this.

Photoshop users are free to create and distribute their own actions. Hence, we can say that there are plenty of useful actions that are available for as free downloadable files. There are various commercial actions developed by expert users for helping others so that they can apply more of advanced effects to their images or save time while working.

In our previous post, we learnt how to create our own actions in Photoshop( Hyperlink- 28th April post) and now in this post, we will learn about using Pre made Photoshop actions.

Now, let’s take a look at some of the premade Photoshop actions:

    • II70 Grid System PS Action: This is an action from Pixel Industry which can be used to create 1200 px wide document in Photoshop which will have 12 column grid layout to help you with website designers sketches.
    • Bootstrap Grid System PhotoShop Action -1170 px: This is yet another free action that creates a grid layout for web page designs. Here, the action creates any document which is 1600px wide and contains a Bootstrap grid layout which is appropriate for anyone who designs responsive framework.
    • Photoshop Action : With this free action, one can easily insert dummy text into Photoshop documents. Now, in case if you wish to crowd up your website designers with headlines, body text and multiple word columns or even a dummy document then this action serves the purpose.
    • Isometric 3D Perspective Mockup Photoshop Action: If you wish to give 3D effect various images like as product screenshots or portfolio items then you can use this action.With this action, you will get four types of 3D depths to select from. This offers a good selection of options for how mock-ups can be transformed.
    • Vintage Retro Text Collection 7: Now, if you are in need of logo design for your project then this set of 10 vintage and retro text actions will offer you plenty of inspiration. Every action will convert the text in such a way that it would require serious design chops. This extension is available for $5.

Take Away:

Well, this is not the end. There are many more such Pre made Photoshop Actions available which can be used as per the need. We will definitely share these all in our upcoming posts.

Till then, stay tuned with Softqube Technologies; well known website designers in India.

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