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Top Five PSD to HTML Conversion Tutorials
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Top Five PSD to HTML Conversion Tutorials

In order to make the website live, it’s necessary to convert PSD designs to HTML. This can be done easily by any graphic designer who has the good knowledge of converting static PSD files into HTML code in order to make the website live.

For some, this can be task that they can do on their own and so few people consider performing this action on their own. Yes, this blog post is for those who wish learn some PSD to HTML conversion tips and wish to do the task on their own.

Top PSD to HTML Conversion Tutorials

Here, we have discussed top five PSD to HTML conversion tutorials which can make the task easier with high quality conversions. These tutorials will teach you the art of transforming high quality PSD Designs into HTML and CSS. These can help you to improve your coding skills and techniques.

So, let’s take a look at them:

  • The Design Lab: This tutorial will show you how to code the design lab layout tutorial.
  • Web Design Concept into HTML & CSS: Here, you will learn the entire process of transforming any of the design concept from PSD Document to the entire HTML and CSS mock up with clean and valid code including CSS3 and some other quick fixes.
  • Web Layout transformation to XHTML and CSS: Here, we will learn how to write the code for creating any web layout. This seems to be a good practice for anyone who doesn’t have any knowledge to use XHTML and CSS.

    Further this tutorial serves to be an important source to have a brief knowledge about CSS and HTML.

  • Designing a blue marketing company Layout in Photoshop: This web development tutorial shows how to code a web page template from PSD sketch using HTML/CSS.
  • Developing Corporate WordPress Layout: This tutorial will show you about coding Corporate WordPress Style Layout into XHTML and CSS.
  • Creating Digital Curriculum Vitae: This will show you how to go through the process of developing a code for “Digital Curriculum Vitae” into a working HTML/CSS template.
  • Coding an iPhone App Website in HTML 5: HTML 5 is well known language used to develop various websites as well as iPhone Apps. This tutorial will show you how to develop an iPhone App website with HTML structure as well as visual styling with some CSS3 effects.
  • Designing your website in Easy Way: This tutorial is an easy way to develop the website coding. It also offers various tools to write a good standard compliant website.
  • Design and Code Flexible Website: This tutorial will teach to design and code simple blog style web page. Hence, thereafter you can pay special attention to develop a flexible web design with simple XHTML and CSS.

    This one is special for beginners as well as those who wish to enhance the accessibility of their web designs.

  • Creating an Animated Call to Action Button: This web design tutorial will teach you to develop a Call to Action button in Photoshop as well as how to use jQuery to animate it. The tutorial is divided into three sections: Photoshop, HTML/CSS and JavaScript.

Wind Up

With these tutorials, we are sure that you can easily learn to transform PSD files to HTML. If you wish to get the PSD to HTML conversion done from experts then get in touch Softqube Technologies, Web Design Company India.

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