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May 2015 Web Design Treasure for Designers and Developers

May 13, 2015

May 2015 Web Design Treasure for Designers and Developers

Web Designing is a field that keeps on updating constantly. Every month it has new things in treasure for web designers. Today, we have included everything May 2015 has brought in for the designers and developers.

The list includes lots of web apps, learning resources, new frameworks, APIs, team resources and more. Everything discussed here is available for free including high value Apps and development tools.

Web Design Treasure for Designers & Developers

Let’s begin here:

    • ReadThisThing: It’s a modern storytelling box which includes various resources for audio and video content, to be up to date with latest news, social media and more.
    • Startup CVs: This tool is used to upload CV which is to be discovered by Startups. It includes start-ups looking for all every type of job functions such as entry level to co-founder.
    • Tailor: This tool is used to develop a perfect copy for landing pages. This shows you various layouts or copy based on things that has worked for users in past.Here, statistical analysis are used to create the best copy used to advance the conversion rates of landing pages.
    • Collections: Similar to Pinterest, Collections is an initiative by Google which allows you to have numerous collections based on your interests which must be followed and customized with custom names and cover photos.
    • OneLiners. Co: This tool helps you to crowdsource company’s tag line and one can also suggest and vote for various taglines for others.
    • Funnel: This tool is used to build contact forms, record deals, send proposals, track customers and much more. It even works with Gmail.
    • Riddle: An effective way to create social content within few minutes, yes this tool serves to be an important part for business owners as it helps them to keep the audience engaged via quizzes, lists , polls and more.
    • Marvel API: This API is useful for developers as it helps them to create stuff using information about marvel’s upcoming releases. This comic API is used to develop awesome comics stuff.
    • Intro Bar: This allows you to welcome your visitors from different sources as well as greet them with fabulous deals and offers. In short, this gives a brief introduction about visitors thus helping website owners to have an overview about their visitors.
    • DEEKit: A live whiteboard for all designers and developers where they can discuss design related things with each other. It works for designers, developers, entrepreneurs, freelancers etc.
    • Augment: It’s a chrome plugin which allows to access several apps like Google Calendar, Evernote, Dropbox and much more within Gmail itself. This tool makes your Gmail a perfect robust tool that enhances your productivity.
    • Pexels Videos: A completely free destination where you can find huge collection of free stock videos which can be used for your projects. These are classified under various categories such as people, animals, rocks, industry and more. You can select the one that suits your needs.
    • BassCSS: A huge collection of base element styles, layout modules, colour style and much more. A perfect CSS toolkit useful to every web designer.
    • Trianglify Generator: This tool allows creating custom images from triangles and various shades of gradient colours. The final image can be adjusted in height and width.
    • Email Framework: A perfect tool that can be used to create bullet proof responsive HTML email templates. It supports 40 email clients and is perfectly tested with Litmus.

weWind Up

So web designers, Get ready to use this amazing stuff and make your designing more powerful yet creative. Try out these tools and amaze your clients with unique attractive web designs made by you.

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