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Don’t Miss Out on These Website Design and Development Trends in 2021

December 11, 2020

Don’t Miss Out on These Website Design and Development Trends in 2021

Trends, practices, and expectations in the digital world are constantly evolving due to technological advancements. Some of these trends last for a season, while others soon become outdated. Digital trends play a crucial role in transforming the workflow, design, and optimization of web pages in the coming days by giving an entirely new dimension to website development. Businesses always try to keep up with trending practices and incorporate innovative ideas to generate higher leads and sales conversion. There is ongoing competition among firms to pioneer new ideas that others will follow soon.

With every New Year, designers get to work with innovative concepts using unlimited technological resources. Currently, neumorphism and dark themes are quite popular among the digital audience. Rapidly changing trends and user preferences challenge and inspire designers to come up with new innovative ideas. Web Development Services in India love to mix digital illustration with realistic design elements, play with floating elements, layers, and shadows. Recent experiments with colour-changing gradients and new font styles are also quite popular. Social media platforms are incorporating engaging videos and user-triggered animations for entertaining the audience.

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The Growing Popularity Of Dark Themes

Dark-coloured themes are here to stay, and more apps are following this trend. It allows users to switch between dark and light modes as per their preference. Developers can make use of CSS media queries for optimizing colour schemes and switching between dark and light modes automatically.

Top brands like Mercedes-Benz, Sony, Apple, and Android use this cool trick to attract new users to their interfaces. Dark colour themes help enhance a web page’s overall aesthetics, giving it a more elegant look. High contrast ratios make the design elements stand out and improve accessibility. Moreover, Dark themes also reduce the strain on the eyes and eliminate related sight problems. Dark themes are also great for enhancing OLED and AMOLED screen longevity by reducing power consumption.

Incorporating asymmetric shapes and layout

Asymmetric designs are the most trending practice in 2020 and will make its way in the coming years. However, it brings several challenges to traditional website development processes while offering better individuality and aesthetics.

Besides, asymmetric shapes and layouts make a website appear less blocking and allow designers to incorporate exciting design elements. Different varieties of asymmetric shapes, spaces, images, patterns, and borders enhance a web page’s appeal. However, web designers need to keep in mind that balance between the different forms should be preserved without compromising functionality.

Creative application of designs and colours

Colours have a psychological impact on the viewer’s mind and play a key role in pursuing a visitor to a web page. The human brain works more than the eyes when it comes to perceiving bright colours. There is a certain degree of subconsciousness associated with specific colours used in depicting cultures, emotions, social messages, events, and feelings. Similarly, colours help define particular emotions, and designers are particularly interested in picking the right colour palette to make a lasting impact on the viewer’s mind.

First impressions are valued the most, and with billions of websites, it is essential to ensure that the initial impression makes a lasting impact on the visitor. For instance, when selecting a colour scheme for webpage design, designers try to invoke certain sensations associated with the colour. Above all, the design should effectively capture the user’s emotions and depict the brand in its most accurate form.

Lately, Web Development Company India uses creative approaches for combining colours that make webpages stand out in the crowd. The colour combination should perfectly match with graphical elements. Above all, understanding the audience is vital to develop designs and content that appeal to them.

Big headlines and bold fonts

Big headlines and bold fonts have gradually started to take over the digital world again. Marketing experts believe that it is the most effective means of attracting potential visitors to a website. Bold letters help to emphasize messages and prompt users to take action accordingly.

Similarly, website visitors read big headlines first, which plays a significant role in making a lasting first impression. Designers prefer to use different types of fonts and section titles for improving readability and visual hierarchy. Also, strong typography and window designs help in uplifting the aesthetics of a web page.

Data visualization

Humans are always attracted to the visual element presenting numerical smartly, and appealingly improves the information’s readability. Data visualization helps transform boring data into attractive graphics, thereby offering a more engaging interface for the end-user. Besides, this practice allows users to perceive information faster with the help of graphically displayed information.

Virtual reality

VR or Virtual reality is gradually making its way into website design, and it will soon become a powerful tool that allows the user to skim meaningful content. Moreover, it offers a realistic purchasing experience with interactive sessions.

infographic Website Design Trends in 2021


The primary focus is on interactivity and creativity that will continue to exist in the coming year. Online users are now looking for more than just an engaging interface. Web development companies are also focusing on usability and accessibility by introducing enhanced functional elements in the interface. Designers looking to attract steady traffic and improve the digital presence in this competitive market can consider web design trends.
All types of Website development trends evolve fast with the emergence of new technologies like voice user interface, virtual reality, interactive 3D micro animations, and many more. All these developments are improving the overall experience of the end-user through a creative approach.

Websites with excellent visuals are no more adequate for attracting visitors. People are looking for highly responsive, accessible, and engaging web pages to give them a broad feel and experience. Designers can consider implementing the trends mentioned above to enhance the brand and web page’s appeal and aesthetics. It will help improve user satisfaction and play a significant role in achieving higher sales conversion rates. Softqube Technologies strive to provide their clients with highly intuitive webpages as per modern standards. The designers brainstorm distinctive graphic elements to give every website a unique feel and appeal.

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