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10 Web Design Principles every Designer should Deploy

December 14, 2020

10 Web Design Principles every Designer should Deploy

Web Design is quite an essential factor in determining the success of the website according to web Development company India. It depends on the web designers who design the websites and web applications with full determination and focus—different factors such as usability and utility degree the website’s success. If the website is not visually appealing, many users do not stay on the website for a longer duration.

Web Design with a good User Interface and User Experience would lead to getting more customers on your website. Hence, Web Design should be a priority for any business to get attractive and easy to use. As you know, the first impression decides everything. Similarly, the new user receives the appearance on the first visit to your website. Web page design determines and plays a vital role in getting actual conversion rates.

The search engine ranks such websites higher, whereas poor user experience and fewer user views websites are ranked below.

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What are Web Design Principles?

Design principles are the most applicable laws, design considerations, guidelines, biases that designers apply to build web designs. Different professionals from various disciplines work on behavioural sciences, physics, sociology, and much more to use the design principles.

Design principles are quite basic, easy to use, pleasurable designs. You can apply such techniques to organize, select, or create the elements or new features for your design.

Different types of web design principles

Website Designers use principles like learnability, findability, and visibility to address the customer’s behaviours. They use a variety of directions.

Some of the web Design Principles

  • Get user’s all the information about the system status. You should take and give feedback to the users.
  • Maintain consistent standards, so users have complete stepwise instruction of what to do next.
  • Have fewer errors wherever possible; you can warn users about the errors before they commit any actions.
  • Ensure that your design is flexible; both novice and expert can choose among the choices available.
  • Ensure that your design is aesthetic and minimalist in decision making. And your web design should be decent enough rather than clutter with unnecessary components.

Ten best web Design Principles that every web developer should imply to make an attractive website.

A proper Route for the web visitors through the directional cues

Web Developers must ensure that there are enough directional cues available to your website that guides the newcomers to go to the specific web page. It could be the call to action or the lead generation form that points the users towards the conversion goal. However, you don’t need to have the directional cues as the arrows. You could make use of fingers that point towards the next page or tilted head. You could make use of man using the visual cues.

Fair use of the Whitespace

Whitespaces make it convenient for the users to keep an eye on the website’s page. Many visitors leave the website when they find it difficult to read the content of your page. Hence you should ensure that you have enough white spaces in the web content. Here are some points that you should consider while designing the content for your website.

Increase the number of white spaces by writing more paragraphs instead of the text blocks. Also, having the sections increases the readability of the content.

  • Maximize the white spaces between the pages’ elements such as footer, sidebar, and much more.
  • Ensure that you check the text style and have the right font size for the website content.

Get a Call to Action Button

All the pages in a website contribute to generating leads. Hence you should design a call to action button on your website. You have to place a call to the action button so that it catches the visitor’s attention. You could make use of the contrasting borders or make it stand out from other web page components. Just ensure that it looks quite different from all other elements in your website.

Have a great colour combination on your website

You should choose some vibrant colours and designs that look decent. For example, you can use the different variations of the colours that give off various emotions and great vibes. Your website’s overall scheme should contract with the components like a call to action buttons and headlines. You should keep the colours reserved for the CTA button as it is quite essential for your website.

Hicks law for website design

According to different psychologists, people take a lot of time to decide if there are many choices available or offered to users. Hence according to it, you should build web design so that your customers have a collection of options that can boost your client conversions. But you need to ensure that you don’t overwhelm your users with too many links in the navigation bar because it could make your user not stay on the page.

You should make use of “The rule of thirds.”

The rule of thirds is quite a famous role for photographers. According to this rule, you should divide your websites or images into thirds, horizontally and vertically. It would develop the nine equal sections for your website. With this, you can make fair use of your website.

It would help if you also used the different sectors for different purposes,s like the middle four sections for all the essential design elements. You could include a product image, call to action, review, and much more.
Align with the business objective

You should rank all the elements of your website so that it fulfils your business’s objective. All the details for your website should be attractive and align with your products and services.

Law of continuity

Many of the users do tend to perceive the line continues, which establishes the direction. And when there is an intersection between the objects, they perceive the two lines as two single links.

Occam’ Razor

Occam’s razor urges the users to make the assumption and put the most straightforward explanations. With Occam’s razor, you can have multiple reasons for different facts where one of them is more likely to be correct.


Effective Web Design or art is not the same since many psychological principles, or design principles can be applied. With such regulations, you can build a great website using relevant laws such as typography, images, and layout. The above listed are the tested and the most prominent metrics to design the web page, and most of the Website Development companies suggest that. Hire an expert of Softqubes offering website development services in India for the best results.

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