Mistakes that must be avoided while Web Designing
Mistakes in Web Design to Avoid
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Mistakes in Web Design to Avoid

Web Design is the most important task for those who wish to have good websites for their business. Yes website designs matter a lot. Here, we are going to discuss about some mistakes that are usually seen in any web design and avoiding them can make a huge difference.

Mistakes to be avoided while designing your website:

  1. Improper Search: We can see that certain websites don’t get displayed in search engine results due to some minor mistakes such as spelling mistakes, typos, plurals and other such small things. These things are really painful as one single mistake can ruin the hard work done to boost the website’s presence over the internet.

    Problems start when search engine results are based on number of query terms included instead of the importance of the website. Certain important search terms included in your website can give it a chance to be at the top.


  3. PDF Files: A PDF file attached to your website is a strict no no as these are highly avoided by the users when found while surfing the internet. Sometimes, printing and saving documents also becomes difficult. Some of the websites have layouts optimized in such a way that they match a normal sheet of paper which differs in the size of user’s browser window.

    Moreover, PDF is a version that makes it difficult for people to navigate among the websites. It is good for printing and distributing manuals as well as other documents. So, make it useful for such printed documents rather than using for website.


  5. Keeping the colour of visited links as it is: This really makes difficult for readers to know which web pages they have already gone through and which one are pending yet. We can see on Google that when any link is visited it changes to purple colour and unvisited links have blue colour.

    Similarly, in your web design also, whatever links users have already visited must be changed to a certain colour so that when next time they visit your site they must know the links that are pending to be visited and it saves their time which otherwise could be wasted in revisiting those links.

    This eases their navigation on your website as they can easily differentiate between the visited and unvisited links through different colours.


  7. Non Scalable Text: Your website text must be attractive enough to draw users attention . So, it should include :
    • Subheadings
    • Bulleted lists
    • Highlighted keywords
    • Short paragraphs
    • Simple writing style
    • A simple language that doesn’t seem to be marketing the website.

  9. Fixed Font Size: Certain web design codes use CSS style sheets that provide power to any website to disable the browser’s option: “Change Font Size.” Fixed font sizes are usually very small and not readable. So, your website must ignore such style sheets and allow people to resize the text as per the need as for some your normal font may be too small to read and for some it may be too large.

Well, these are some of the mistakes that can be found in 8 websites out of 10 and must be improved to get more viewers. The list has many more such commonly found mistakes in web design which we will discuss in our next blog.

Till that time, keep visiting our blogs. To get error free web designs, web designers at our India based web design firm – Softqube Technologies is always here to help you because we love our clients more than our own selves.

Hari Patel

Hari Patel

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