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31 Jan

Web Design and Development Trends to Watch in 2019

With mighty business reach online, the immersive website or app experience needs to interest, titillate and haunt the customer’s consciousness. Busy with remodelling or establishing business websites, consider carefully the user likes and dislikes along with the business objectives and the competition, and the expertise available. Sustainable and functional web design and features that will not quickly go out of fashion are the need of the hour, though in keeping with the emerging trends.

Web Design and Development Trends

Rapid change takes place all the time in the way people think and feel. AI and creativity, conversational interfaces and chatbots have been in vogue for a while and will continue in more powerful ways. Whatever be the nature of the business, think along these lines and explore the rich possibilities. What matters is to capture and hold customer interests and turn them into revenues and loyalty that may spread over a generation.

Web apps

Though mobile apps may be the rage, progressive and interactive web apps that run on the browser have a following too, with the convenience of not being loaded on a mobile device. Not everybody is into mobile phones. Websites and apps on desktops still command a large following, especially for those who cannot adjust with small screens.

Progressive web apps and blockchains are a part of the recipe for 2019. With security concerns getting more vehement, SSL and HTTPS will take care of dangers. Images and video continue to be as strong as ever as naturally they must, since life is essentially pictographic. Programming remains at the heart of it all with the enhancements to JavaScript like ES6 and ES7.

Storytelling like a human

Tiring of industry and technology, it is time for the human touch long lost in the abyss of time. As if harking back to the 1960s, realism is getting back in fashion, rather than the pixels and the code. The consumer is the king of it all as always and has the last word. Animations would make the storytelling more effective too.

Better online support from chatbots

Web Design Night and day, customer questions need to be intelligently answered and chatbots are the answer. Human labor being rather costly in most places, chatbots are convenient, no matter what product or service is being sold.

Deeper, contrasting bright colors

Those sensational, ethereal website shades that worked like a dream are gradually being replaced by loud and dark colors. A dramatic intensity is born that tally with the essentially wild nature of life amidst all the sophistication. Action filled images and communication of movements like floating bring a more sustained experience. Floating menus, instead of fixed positions in the past, are found everywhere on the websites.

One page websites with no landing page

Simplification is still the norm amidst endless complexity and many users still are familiar with navigating around websites. A single page website often suffices to communicate essential information like a real desk with a computer in a shared office space, taking care of every connected business need. Why not build it small?

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