Can Wearable Technology Make any Impact on Digital Marketing?

March 27, 2015

Today, technology trends are forwarding towards wearable technology. When it was limited to mobile, everyone started making necessary changes in their websites to make it mobile friendly or we can say responsive one but now with commencement of wearable technology devices, will websites , SEO be needed to be optimized for these devices?

How far this new technology is going to affect the Digital marketing and other SEO oriented areas of the website? And this is something that digital marketers as well as online business owners must be aware of. The logical reason is explained as under.

Recent trends and predictions

It is expected that Apple will soon release its new Apple Watch along with the gold edition worth $17,000 and this has diverted the focus of overall technology industry to the new market of wearable devices.

As per the predictions, year 2019 will see more than 168 million wearable devices all over the world. So, all digital marketers and business owners must prepare themselves to face the change and handle this speedy growth.

If you are reading this blog post then you are lucky enough to get this news as now very less time is remaining to act upon and it is rightly said “ Always dig a well prior to floods”. Same is the case here, business owners will now have to prepare perfect plans to spurt up business, and for next after mobile devices is the turn of wearable devices.

It’s not an easy task as it will consume more time to adapt to the change on large scale basis and then slowly changes will occur. There are some businesses that already have started creating wearable related to their business such as health tracking wearable and many people are sure to purchase Apple Watch in near future.

Average price will be below $150 only for Americans to invest it only as investment. Increase, decrease in purchase volumes can be seen in few months.

According to experts, this technology can impact digital marketing in several ways as under

  • Social Media: The first and foremost area that will be deeply affected by wearable technology is Social Media. Starting from interaction with consumers, content sharing and many other ways through which we reach to the customers, everything will face aggressive shifts.

    Everything from notifications to post updates will be more accessible and certain format changes will also take place. All social sites will have to be adaptable to wearable technology with the help of wearable specific features.

  • Data and Analysis: Apart from just offering good features, wearable watch is also used to gather as much details as required for marketing and analytical efforts. These devices will easily gather some necessary personal information such as location, preference as well as buying habits.
  • Online Advertising: Plenty of data is needed for analysis and research purpose and here marketers may use these new devices to do more target oriented campaigns. For instance, a virtual discount coupon can be sent to the customer after its first visit to the store.

    Such ways can be adopted to make more use of these virtual devices and find ways to earn some good bucks from these wearable devices.

  • Developing Apps: Now days, we see mobile app developers are in great demand. There are many apps developed by Apple such as Facebook, Twitter and more. Many of similar apps will still come into existence.

    With the new launch of these wearable devices, app developers will again focus on creating applications that support such devices. So, this is a never ending cycle. A simple invention can get men to work.

    Yes, people who love to do different things will really enjoy this but those who get tired to developing too many apps, for them the invention of such techy devices is a real boredom.

  • Wind up

    Any business owner or digital marketing professional must stay updated with technology news and also remain adaptive to situations.

    Technology is a live chameleon, anytime anything can happen; new devices can be launched, any version can become outdated anytime, nothing is predicted. So, it’s advisable to be flexible.

    Irrespective of the uncertainties, certain digital marketing fields like Social media, data and analytics, online advertising as well as app development are tend to face permanent changes and so now it’s time to think about adapting to the new field in the world of online technology.

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Nitin Suvagiya

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