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Updates from Facebook: New Virtual Reality Video App for Android and iOS

September 22, 2015

IT News: Facebook occupied a virtual reality firm for $2 billion a year ago and now it will soon release its first Virtual Reality Video App for Android and iOS.

IT is surrounded with updates every day. People are very curious to listen to something new from giants like Facebook, Google, Apple, Microsoft etc. Recently, Facebook decided to step into the world of virtual reality. Now, Facebook will bring this technology to the billions of users who are using this service.

What’s new in this technology?

This new virtual reality supports 360 degree videos. The new app for Android and iOS will serve to be the one and only application in the market in the field of this latest technology. Further, it will support spherical video format which is made from numerous snappers and various view points.

This shows that users will be able to transform their viewing angles with a single slant of their smart phones. The official release of this app is not yet confirmed as the app development is still in progress.

Hence, one can see the beta version which will be visible within few weeks. No official statement by Facebook is released for the same.

Previously, at any occasion it was revealed by Zuckerberg that virtual reality is another promising platform that can be considered in the IT industry. Facebook will at some point or other will be indulging in this platform thus offering spherical videos where users will be allowed to move around the video thus watching it from various angles.

These apps will also get same user experience but the thing is that it should have proper reach to the audience. The app will have the content that is specifically designed for virtual reality apps. The moment this app is launched, Facebook then soon will be in competition with YouTube which currently is supporting 360 degree videos.

If we talk about Google then it too has its special way of displaying these videos on smart phones. It uses Cardboard VR viewer which Facebook can use too in its VR app.

Why this is opted by Facebook?

A question may arise why there’s a need of such an app. This may not be surprising for many people that Facebook is stepping in the world of virtual reality as many times CEO of Facebook; Mark Zuckerberg has revealed the importance of such videos for social media network.

Knowing how social media is going to get affected with this app and how it will benefit the business; this decision is being taken. So, whether it is Android users or iOS users; this will be available for both as it is known to get developed for both of the users.

Looking at few years back, most of the Facebook content consisted of text but now slowly it will get transformed into video which will have more attractive content such as virtual reality and augmented reality.

Wind Up

Today is the trend of spherical videos. Apart from Facebook, various companies like Samsung, Google, HTC, Sony, Microsoft are stepping in the world of virtual reality and Google’s Chrome browser now also supports spherical videos.

So, what are you waiting for? Do you want to join these giants and step in the world of augmented reality? Then get in touch with well known Android App developers like Softqube Technologies.

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