Create a Unique Learning Environment With WizIQ, A Virtual Classroom API Integration

March 30, 2023

Create a Unique Learning Environment With WizIQ, A Virtual Classroom API Integration

Are you aware that modern e-learning outperforms conventional learning in terms of effectiveness?

Virtual Classroom (VC) is one of the key components of any online training program or e-learning. It facilitates live online classes that enable participants to communicate via text, video, or audio chat and view presentations, videos, or documents. The rise of specialized e-learning platforms like WizIQ has allowed instructors to create courses conveniently. Moreover, it has enabled learners to access learning resources anytime, anywhere.

WizIQ is a cloud-based LMS (Learning Management Solution) for higher education, tutoring and business users, and test preparation. It helps users develop self-branded training and teaching programs delivered either as recorded or in real-time. WizIQ comprises services and tools crucial for delivering quality online training. Keep reading to learn how WizIQ can benefit and how a software development company can help integrate WizIQ API with its various services.

What are the benefits of WizIQ?

Benefits of WinIQ

Using WizIQ online classroom API, create a unique learning environment for students on your teaching website. Below we have mentioned some of the benefits of WizIQ:

  • Use the WizIQ Virtual Classroom API to add the best Virtual Classroom to enhance your teaching/tutoring website, CLS, or LMS.
  • You can leave the servers to WizIQ. Setting up new servers or downloading and installing the software is unnecessary. You can use the WizIQ API for web conferences.
  • WizIQ Virtual Classroom API provides you with an SSO (Single Sign-On) so that users don’t have to juggle between login ids for logging onto the website, CMS, or LMS.
  • With WizIQ, power your online teaching website and enjoy user-friendly features. You can access all the features of the WizIQ Virtual Classrooms, such as reviewing class recordings, tracking attendance, and managing classes from your website.

What are the Custom Features That Users Get With Virtual Classroom API Integration?

Custom Features pf Virtual Classroom API Integration

WizIQ provides a comprehensive set of features to deliver synchronic and seamless collaborative learning online. These include:

  • Real-time collaboration and communication

    During the live class, you can drive real-time interactions with the learners. You can transfer the video or audio control to the attendees during the live session. Also, you can create a poll with the live poll option to garner feedback or pose questions. Learners can use the “Raise hand” and “Live chat” features to ask questions. The “Application sharing” and “Live screen” options enable instructors to share their screens in real time and provide remote assistance. The built-in code editor that comes with WizIQ live online class has a shared integrated development environment that makes it possible for the remotely located students to code in real-time online.

  • Easy administration

    The WizIQ virtual training software can be accessed from any browser, and you can set it up within a few minutes. It makes it quite seamless and easy to carry out administrative activities for live sessions. Users can manage ongoing sessions with the host of the in-class features and define permissions and roles for individual attendees. Also, the access to automated class-related reports for any session enables users to measure the progress of the learners and also make data-driven decisions.

  • Advanced interactive whiteboard

    The interactive online whiteboard has a full-screen mode that creates a bigger workspace. Without any hassle, you will be able to open multiple whiteboards to show, illustrate, and draw diagrams, upload images and presentations, and play videos from your library. The advanced out-of-the-box geometric graphs and shapes make it easy to teach statistics and maths. Apparatus shapes, line diagrams, and circuit diagrams have been included to teach physics, chemistry, and electrical science in a hassle-free manner. Also, maps help in teaching geography.

  • Server-side recording

    Server-side recording

    The automated SSR (Server-side recording) works in the background when a class is live streaming. The recording is directly captured on the server. This means it does not consume the user’s device computing resources. Attending and delivering classes on devices with low-end CPU is possible as no upload is needed from your or the devices of the attendees. Also, the internet speed of the attendees has no impact on the recording quality, and the recording is available in MP4 format in your library after the session.

  • High-definition video conferencing

    With enhanced audio-video quality, you can collaborate face-to-face. The full-screen conference mode allows improved output. Also, the 5-way audio-video layout comprising instinctive speaker recognition brings the real classroom experience alive. Enjoy unhindered interactive live online classes with echo-free, unlimited audio output, and low-latency online video streaming.

  • API and Plugins

    WizIQ can be used for integrating live class functionality into your website. This allows you to deliver live classes from your CMS/LMS, such as Drupal, WordPress, Joomla, eFront, and Moodle. The Single Sign-On (SSO) facility enables users to log in with a single ID and password to access your system and attend live sessions from the integrated class software.

Other features include:

  • Insights and analytics
  • Collaborative code editor
  • Polls and surveys
  • Live screen sharing
  • Advanced collaboration and moderation
  • Secure live streaming

Role of Softqube Technologies in integrating WizIQ Virtual Classroom API

 Integrating WizIQ Virtual Classroom API with Softqube Technologies

When you wish to create your Virtual Classroom or if you want to integrate a third-party virtual classroom via API in your LMS or website, we come into action. We provide custom solutions that enable corporates, educational service provers, and instructors to manage and deliver self-paced and live-to-learn with cost-effective, flexible, and user-friendly technology. Through a stress-free method of integration, the experts systematically integrate the online teaching platform WizIQ API into your website, LMS, or CMS. WizIQ Virtual Classroom offers a professional WebRTC-based live classroom.

Design a Video Conferencing tool, Particularly for Training and Teaching

Design Video Conferencing tool for Training and Teaching

The expert team of engineers of a software development company offers expert solutions to integrate virtual classroom APIs such as WizIQ classroom API. Virtual Classroom API consents seamless integration across technologies. Thus, integration with the use of technologies like Node.JS, PHP, websites, or any standard LMS or CMS platform can be undertaken.

  • Custom Class attendance and reporting: Accurate and timely class attendance reports in various formats and diagrams.
  • Fully featured API interaction: Student feedback, teacher ratings, and after-class URL redirection
  • Highly scalable, reliable, and flexible: Through virtual classrooms, access live classes. The self-paced course enables you to access course content.

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