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Difference Between Web Design and Web Development

April 2, 2015

Are web design and web development similar? This sometimes can be a very silly question but yes the answer is very interesting. Reason being not all people are aware about this thing and yes if you a person related to the designing and development field then obviously you can easily highlight the differences however if you are a novice then it can be a tough question to answer.

In simple terms, a mother can easily find the difference between the twins but for a stranger it’s hard to do so. Similarly, an expert can easily sort out the difference between web design and development while a layman cannot. Hence, to make both these things crystal clear it’s necessary to understand them in a proper way.

So, let’s know how web design and web development vary from each other?

Before we actually become aware about difference in their basic nature, let’s have a look at the job statistics of both the fields.

Category Available Jobs Salary median
Web Development 1,336,300 $85, 430
Web Design 2,00,870 $47, 820

If we closely look at this table then we can see that web developers are in more demand as compared to web designers. Now, this is a point to ponder over because if both fields are same then why one is preferred more than the other? This means there is a difference so let’s move ahead and discuss about this dissimilarities between both the fields.

Point of difference between Web Designer and Web Developer:

Difference Between Web Design and Development
Web designers are considered as the creators of the website and their main task is to give an attractive look and feel to the website. In order to give a perfect shape to the website, there’s a need of experts.

An expert web designer must be able to take a perfect colour combination, professional design as well as proper information flow. In simple terms, we can say creativity is what makes a person a perfect designer and so the ones using maximum of their right brain which is known for creativity can be really good designers.

This helps to develop outstanding creative websites that actually can lure the visitors. For a web designer, degree is not a compulsion however it’s mandatory to have work portfolio which showcases their abilities.

Talking about web developers; these are people who mostly deal with programming languages like HTML, CSS, Javascript and more which are required for smooth functioning of a website. Their responsibility is to develop a clean code which makes a website user friendly, easily maintainable and responsive.

Some people are more interested in framing the code while some are more attracted towards the designing part. Development is about coding, computer science and programming which needs very less creativity.

Web Programmers are generally left brainers. This means that think with the left side of the brain which is responsible for logical, linear thinking as well as more of technical aspects. If web designers are called creators then web developers are called builders.

It’s simple as while constructing the building, designs of 1BHK, 2BHK are made by architects and it’s the turn of builders to develop a building as per the design, both work together to convert static Photoshop images into live working website.

An important thing about developers is that their skills are in great demand and the one having a good portfolio can earn handsome bucks.

Wind up:

Be it a designer or developer, both have same advantages and disadvantages and the main important thing is both have flexibility to work from anywhere and at anytime. With this blog post, hope the difference is crystal clear and still if you really want to experience this difference in practical life then you can hire a good team of expert web developers from Softqube Technologies, Web Development Company India.

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