Getting into the Base Differences between PHP and Python

January 3, 2015

The internet is making this world a better place to live and people from the remotest corner of the world are incessant about this change. They are using the full potential of the internet and helping the community to grow. The development of a site is the utmost important thing, if you are looking forward to impacting lives with the help of the internet; it is going to take some intricate knowledge of the developmental languages to make the best of sites.

PHP and Python are two developing languages that have kept the arguments hot, we are going to discuss the differences in detail so that you can decide and choose the best.


PHP uses the paradigms of the following kinds Imperative, object-oriented, functional and reflective and procedural.

  • Some of the common implementations are referred to as: Phalanger, HHVM and Parrot.
  • PHP is known to have inbuilt web development features.
  • The language faces some errors when it comes to providing high quality flexibility.
  • It has some amazing relation with the servers when it comes to embedding with web servers.
  • This language has good space for garbage collection and gc-enable functions are also included.
  • For termination it makes use of semicolons.
  • There is no option or support for multiple inheritances.
  • PHP is talkative language and it gets verbose with time.
  • One of the things why developers discard PHP is that it does not allow operator overloading.
  • There is no UNICODE support for PHP.
  • Curly braces are used to end statements in PHP.
  • PHP can never be cited as a language that is profiled.
  • PHP gives no value to exception handler, which is a bad thing.


Python uses a lot of paradigms, some of them can be listed as Imperative, object-oriented and procedural and functioning.

  • IronPython and CyPython are some of the major implementations.
  • There are no inbuilt features; you will have to gather some add ons.
  • Unlike PHP, Python provides with a high flexible option.
  • Python has options where it can easily be embedded into different web servers.
  • Python has no space in the garbage, but it can store a lot of add ons and optional features that are currently inactive. Python cares for the code and allows sustainability for some time.
  • Python gives no damn to curly brace termination, it makes use of newline termination and semicolons play an important role in the same.
  • Python takes over the PHP when it comes to providing options for multiple inheritances; making use of multiple inheritances reduces complexity.
  • PHP is verbose while Python is crisp, clear and to the point.
  • A lot of functions in Python are case sensitive.
  • There are options in Python that makes operator overloading an easy task unlike in PHP where it is not allowed.
  • There is a UNICODE support for the codes in Python.
  • Indentation is the technique that is used for terminating blocks.
  • Python is a language that can be referred to as profiling.
  • It allows exception handling, which works in the favor of the developers.

Take Away

In the battle of PHP and Python, the latter seems to have better options and facilities, but the popularity of PHP is something praiseworthy. With a view to get better advantage of PHP Services, get in touch with Softqube Technologies, a well known PHP Development Company, India.

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