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Planning To Develop a Website Using WordPress? These Resources Can Help You
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Planning To Develop a Website Using WordPress? These Resources Can Help You

Till now, in our several blogs we have discussed about the usability of WordPress and how it is useful to all may be beginners as well as experienced ones. Previously, WordPress was just a simple blogging system but now it has become a well known website developing platform.

Today, WordPress is used widely by small as well as large businesses, big corporations etc. Clients need a perfect website developed by front end developers which must be creative as well as possess effective content.

Wordpress Resources

The coding must be up to the mark and hence some experienced eyes can only notice unnecessary coding. For WordPress developers, it becomes a challenging task to meet the client expectations as well as generate perfectly designed websites within stipulated time frame. Sometimes developers feel themselves suppressed between the two.

And here these WordPress tools are actually useful which will help them to reduce the stress as well as carry on the work with effectiveness. So, be ready; the next section of this blog post from Softqube Technologies, Web Development Company India will list out these tools:

Useful WordPress resources to make development easy:

  1. Develop an Elegant Design: To have a creative website; its design must be attractive. For attractive design, proper inspiration is needed. So, from where you can get this inspiration? WordPress theme design gallery is away to get such amazing designing ideas that will leave your client surprised.

    Some other websites that can help you with design inspiration are:

    • WordPress Tag on CSS Awards
    • WP Inspiration
    • WP Explorer
    • We Love WP
  2. Maintaining the record of development steps: When you start creating any WordPress theme, sometimes it is difficult to memorize all the steps in a proper order. At times, the entire code structures are to be remembered to develop an entire theme.

    Hence, this work can be easily maintained with the use of WordPress cheat sheets. This is one of the excellent ways to maintain the record of some particular code queries that can be used for reference in future.

    Some of the useful cheat sheets are as follows:

    • Interactive WordPress Guide
    • Basic Theme Anatomy
    • WP Code & Tags
    • The Loop : Visual Model
  3. WordPress Theme Frameworks: Developers sometimes tend to get bored when every time they need to create a template from scratch. WordPress Theme frameworks solve this issue by offering a ready to use framework which reduces the task of writing a code from scratch.

    This can save hours of time that was once used to build and recode the similar site structures.

    Few of the WordPress Theme Frameworks that are used by developers are as follows:

    • Bones
    • Gantry
    • Whiteboard
    • Thematic
    • Reverie
    • And more.
  4. WordPress Tutorial Sites: At times while developing a website; you will face some issues where you might need assistance from an expert. WordPress has a huge community of experts who can help you to sort out this problem.

    This is one of the greatest advantages that make it more preferable among developers. If you search for WordPress tutorials; you will many of the sites offering such support. Few of these tutorial sites are as mentioned below:

    • Wptuts+
    • WP Beginner
    • WPMU
  5. WordPress Plug-ins: To get your WordPress site have the required features that meet your business needs, you can make use of several WordPress Plug-ins. However, before actually using Plug-ins; make sure to check whether they are safe or not.

    Some of the widely recommended ones are as follows:

    • DeBug Bar
    • CMS Tree Page View
    • WP Google Fonts
    • Broken Line Checker
    • Syntax Highlighter
    • Redirection.

Wind up

So, next time if you are planning to develop a WordPress website; you can make use of these free resources and avoid wastage of time thus finishing your project easily within given time frame which helps you to meet your deadlines.

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