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8 Useful Server Monitoring Tools
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8 Useful Server Monitoring Tools

Once the website is developed it is necessary to be maintained. Maintaining the website health as well as the uptime of web server is the most important thing. Make sure that your visitors are able to see your website.

With various server monitoring tools, one can easily gather the data about any web server. If we search on the internet, there are several monitoring tools available that can be used to examine web servers.

Useful Web Server Monitoring Tools:

Server Monitoring Tools

  • Performance Co Pilot: This is a system performance and analysis tool which drives metrics from various hosts and then analyzes the metrics. It also keeps in check the current market trends thus helping you to find the improper performance patterns.

    It has certain APIs that are used to prepare the monitoring as well as reporting solutions.

  • Anturis: It is a cloud based SaaS platform that is used to monitor servers, websites as well as IT infrastructure. With a variety of monitoring solutions available, this is one of the important tools that can be used.
  • SeaLion: Similar to Anturis; this is a cloud based Linux based server monitoring tool that is used to examine all servers and identify the problems from a unique dashboard. It can be set up within minutes and offers instant alerts so that one gets easily notified about the trouble, daily data summaries and more.
  • Munin: It is a network and system monitoring tool that helps to evaluate the resource trends of any server. It is just easy to use; as simple as Plug and play solution. Its default Installation offers lot of reports with nothing to be done by the user’s end.
  • Nagios: It is yet another open source network monitoring solution that provides a complete range of monitoring and alerting servers, switches, services and applications. With its Plugin API, one can easily widen its advanced functionalities.
  • SysUsage: This monitors your system with Sar as well as other system commands. It includes a notification system that shows us alerts when the server’s capability is nearing its limit.
  • Zabbix: Similar to Nagios; Zabbix too is an open source performance monitoring solution that is used to examine the performance and availability of servers, web applications, databases, networking equipments and more.
  • Monit: This tool is for Unix Systems. With Monit; one can easily conduct automatic repair and maintenance. It can also check various TCP/IP networks as well as protocols.

So, next time you wish to get your server monitored; you can easily make sure to use any of these above mentioned tools as these will be able to help you on monitoring various systems; be it Unix, Linux or Windows.

Wind Up

Yes, we might have missed some most useful server monitoring tools. If you remember some of them or are using any one of them then feel free to share with us. We,at Softqube Technologies; Web Development Company India, love to share updated information with the readers.

So, get in touch with us if you need any guidance or wish to outsource your web development projects to experts.

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