How to Develop an Efficient Website: Some useful web design Techniques

August 19, 2015

How to Develop an Efficient Website: Some useful web design Techniques

The more easily usable a website is; the more users are likely to use it. Perfect web means better user experience. Users should get easily what they want irrespective of the way they are using internet.

Websites must be developed in such a way that they are maintained easily and are simple to be updated. If your website is perfect and up to the mark then it works very well for everyone i.e. the one who develops it and the one who actually uses it.

Web Design Techniques

An efficient website is a must to have quick accessibility, proper responsiveness as well as proper content strategy and load performance. For this one must select the right CSS property by knowing the exact need which makes the entire project feasible. It is completely about making things faster and better.

So, here are some useful web design techniques for designers and developers:

  • Know why and for whom are you developing the website: So, designers and developers; be ready to develop a website in a systematic way by knowing its exact purpose and to know this purpose; it is necessary to ask questions as to: What’s the need? For whom is it to be developed? What’s the use of it? On what devices is it going to be used?

    Such questions will help you to get proper answers through which you will be able to develop a proper website. A website that will meet the purpose and will be designed in a perfect manner as needed.

  • Use screen readers: With the use of screen readers; one can read the website perfectly as it is developed using the html code. Hence if you write semantic html; it will definitely help yo improve the user experience which consists host for other benefits.

    The semantic quality can be checked by properly listening the code with the help of screen readers. Suppose, the page sound is not in proper order then it is the time to clean up your html.

    So, screen readers aptly provide us the assistance to write a perfect, clean semantic code that is easy to maintain.

  • Get benefitted from conditional loading: Conditional loading is a perfect tool for developing feature enriched experiences that get loaded faster and set up the content. Go for opportunities to conditionally load social buttons, comments, related content and more.
  • Always keep in mind the big picture: It’s not viable to make any technical choices before you know anything about the problems that require a proper solution.

    If you provide a solution without properly understanding the problems then this can result into limited technology for visitors as well as administrators. There are several technologies that can do almost anything.

  • Use Responsive background images: Irrespective of your background’s width; you must use responsive and attractive background images. For this; developers must use CC property background – size:cover;

    This property background must be used along with visual scalability by using the code: background- size: cover; while determining the size of any background element so that pixel ratio can be automated easily.

Wind Up

So, with these useful web design techniques which are currently popular in the market; designers and developers can create amazing websites. For more such guidance about developing attractive websites; stay connected with Softqube technologies, Web Design India.

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