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Some of the Most Popular Websites Developed Using Joomla CMS

Some of the Most Popular Websites Developed Using Joomla CMS

We all know and have been kept hearing that Joomla is the most useful flexible, user friendly CMS. Many business websites opt for Joomla as it is the popular CMS. As time passes, we can see Joomla is becoming more and more popular as well as reliable CMS.

Today, we are going to discuss about some of the well known companies that use Joomla as the recommended CMS for their website and this is the reason why we recommend this CMS to our clients especially those who have large enterprises.

Most Popular Companies that Use Joomla CMS are as Follows:

  • Alliance of Catholic Education- University of Notre Dame:
    This is one of the reputed in its industry. It’s website, built with Joomla version 2.5 use some of the featured extensions such as RokNavMenu, JomSocial, Core Design Login, GCalendar, Roktabs and some of the templates like Cloudbase template from cloud access.
  • We are sharing this information in order to provide you an insight about the growth a business can actually get by using certain extensions and templates that make the business operations easy.
  • With a single Joomla 2.5 CMS, one can manage entire website including enchanting pictures as well as graphics. Furthermore, this website uses extensions to expand their social networking.

The next example is more interesting than this. So, let’s have a look at this:

  • The Hill: It is a daily newspaper published when only when Congress is the ruling party. The main focus is on business and lobbying, politicians and other such events that take place on Capitol Hill. This website has 1 million regular visitors per month. Really amazing! Do you wish to achieve such success?

    So, just think why this newspaper website is such popular one, just because the newspaper is popular or because it is a congressional newspaper? No, the actual thing is its website that really attracts the visitors. During the leisure time, just have a look at this website and we are sure you will definitely love to visit this website regularly.

Now, again you will start pondering as to how they maintain such website? This is what Joomla does. It is a CMS which once used makes it easy to maintain websites and derive more traffic. So, now do you wish to have such an enchanting website then we surely recommend you to opt for any updated CMS like Joomla.

To give you some reference of Joomla’s popularity, let’s consider one more example:

MTV Greece: We all love listening music, some love regional music, some prefer to listen only English Rock bands. MTV Greece is a musical TV channel and is successful all over the world.

Amazing it looks, but this popular channel also uses Joomla CMS to maintain its website. Don’t you think all popular companies are really opting for Joomla or are they popular because of Joomla? Well, different people have different opinions.

Let’s discuss how Joomla made MTV popular! The website of this music channel uses extension K2 to create menus and sub menus as well as various modules including hot videos, MTV specials, hot shows, and hot music videos.

While looking at this website, we can see the front page is for showing hot news or breaking news and there’s another custom module that is used to show the social media websites of this music channel. It’s really well maintained and that’s why it’s mostly preferred by the viewers.


We are sure that these examples have proved what exactly Joomla is and how it can transform your business in to a huge success. Now, if you have made a plan to develop Joomla based website and wish to know more about it then you can easily get in touch with us at Softqube Technologies.

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