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Android Developers: What You Need to Know About Them

August 27, 2014

It is a well known fact that Google’s Android grew more popular than any other mobile platform, it rules in the world of mobile apps and its popularity is growing faster too. Every day another million users power up android devices for the first time and start using apps. This increasing popularity of Android apps is a big opportunity for Android Developers to keep developing more apps and satisfy both existing and coming users.

So now you know that android applications are on boom nowadays, consequently android users are large and thus you can connect to more people through android apps. For any kind of your business, android apps can help you, especially in marketing and advertisement as it let you connect with enormous number of audience. Here android developer’s role comes, because they hold a vital place in android app developments. They are the experts who develop and provide beautiful apps within time constrains and make customers happlace py.

Understanding Android Software Development Kit

Android Developers need to have a deep knowledge of android SDK (software development kit), latest SDK tools, platforms using the SDK manager and android debugger bridge to develop meritorious apps. Along with this knowing about fundamental Concepts of Android Development and work flow of app developers using SDK is important to develop robust android applications.

Improving performance

Experienced android developers know very well how to improve app’s performance so that users can use them efficiently. Optimizing battery life is one of the big plus for users as it improves performance of apps. Making app more responsive and worthy for the user is what experienced developers do to satisfy clients.

Best Practices

It is Crucial for Android Developers to design and build apps in the right way. Improving app quality by providing better visibility in the app’s ecosystem, letting users, press less buttons and keeping front layer light are some of the best practices that android developers follow to attract clients towards the app.

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