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24 May

Forgot Your Car Keys? No Worries, Apple Watch Apps Are Here To Help You

Now, with Smart phones being in demand slowly Smart vehicles are also getting popular. Smart Vehicles! What’s that? Similar to Smart phones which help you to perform your daily important tasks even on the go, now Smart vehicles having Bio metric identity, iPhone driven connectivity and in- car telematics which is also called apple watch car key will also be useful in connecting your vehicle with the app that’s available in your Apple Watch.

Sounds really astonishing but it’s the real fact. Apple Watch Apps can definitely you to drive your car without keys just by giving door to door navigation instructions. These apps are also useful to find you parked car.

Till 2015 year end; these apps will also be able to do several other tasks like as fuel monitoring, odometer reading, maintenance code provision and time will be such that these apps will be used as car keys.

So, let’s take a look at some of these Apps that transforms your Car into a smart vehicle:

  • Mercedes Benz MB Companion: As discussed above, this app provides door to door navigation instruction which helps the owner easily find his parked car and also making it easy for them to drive it by following the instructions given by this app.So, now no need to have a driver or visit any motor driving school because this app does it all.
  • BMW iRemote: Those who have BMW i- Series hybrid then there’s an Apple Watch app available for you. This app allows you to check important details as well as manage the vehicle settings.
    Apple Watch Apps
    Power levels, interior climate control and location all are easily managed by this app which also makes it easy to open the car doors with a single tap.
  • Porsche Car Connect: Another well known Apple Watch App which allows you to fold the side view mirrors, know the tire pressure, fuel level, current state of the electric battery and also lets you activate the climate control system.It works like a remote with which you can inspect whether your car doors and windows are locked or not. You can also lock and unlock your car without any need for the key with this amazing apple watch car key.
  • Tesla Remote S: This app controls your car completely; every single function is automated by the Apple Watch App. Even small functions like horn, climate control, vehicle charge, monitor speed and location as well as all others including lock unlock are controlled by this app.
  • Hyundai Blue Link: Blue Link is an Apple Watch App specially developed to control Hyundai cars. Similar to other apps; this also helps to find your parked car, schedule appointments as well as lock and unlock the car, start and stop the vehicle and more.
  • Automatic: There’s no need to specially purchase a new car in order to use the car related apps and know their features. Apple has also come out with a solution for those cars that doesn’t have their specified watch apps.It’s an apple Watch Application known as “Automatic” which is available for $99 and this can easily be fitted in your car and then your car functionalities will get extended thus becoming automatic.

Wind Up

Ready to transform your simple car into an automated one? Then these apple watch apps are for you. As per my suggestion, I prefer to use Automatic as it can make any compatible vehicle an automatic one.

Further, more functions will also be made automatic but this is it for now. So, get any app and be ready to drive a smart vehicle. How about Smart Cars? Well, Apple is going to launch them as well in near future. So, stay tuned with us to get updates about the same.

Have any reviews or updates about any of the apple watch car key? Don’t forget to share with us because we love suggestions, feedbacks and reviews from our readers.

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