How to Convert Your Blogs into SEO Machine?

March 5, 2015

An effective way of increasing online presence is to increase the website traffic with SEO Marketing. Now, as we all are aware that content is given more importance and is used as one of the important factors to increase website traffic or we can say improve visibility on the internet.

If we talk about the ways through which content can be delivered to people and audience reach can be increased then blog is one of the important means of boosting the website traffic and this led some intelligent minds to think about transforming these blogs into SEO Marketing machines.

Is this really possible? Can a simple website blog be transformed into SEO Marketing? Answer is yes. It is possible but how? This is the important question. So, how can it be converted into a traffic generator as well as perfect converter which can be use to modify visitors into real customers?

Hence, here we have mentioned some tips that can be used to convert your blog into a SEO machine

Make your blog the unique source to spurt up your website traffic

If we closely look at the internet then there are innumerable thousands of websites available online and it’s no wrong in saying that internet is fully crowded with such websites. However, still there are many websites having blogs that generate almost zero to nil traffic.

They have very less views, few readers resulting into extremely low traffic. The reasons behind this can be several; may be improper blog content, improper or unattractive blog theme or design and many more.

Therefore, first of all it’s necessary to get the blog posts actually read and this can be done in few simple ways like sharing the blog post on social media, circulating these posts via email, making most use of Facebook Advertising with a view to create awareness among people and last but not the least Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

Making use of all of these can provide good results however if you need to select only one then SEO is mostly recommended. One can easily transform a simple blog into traffic generator.

Get a good SEO Plug in

One of the most recommended SEO Marketing plug in is “Word press SEO Plug-In” which is available for free. To make most use of this, it’s necessary to know how it can be used in a perfect manner and also making use of proper keywords.

Keyword Research

Here, Google Keyword Planner can help. You need to do some research for gaining relevant keywords that can easily help to gain maximum traffic. Keywords always vary so never think that the ones you select are only the best.

So, research enough to get popular keywords which can suit your blog, product or service. Try to make most use of localized keywords as this will help to get more rankings.

One Keyword Does it All

A single keyword that can be included everywhere i.e. in title, URL, permalink as well as first sentence can be used. When you focus on single keyword and include it among the recommended pages such as page title, page description and permalink then SEO Marketing of your blog can be strong enough.

That similar keyword must be also included in the body, once it’s done then the blog is ready to be published. There are many other steps which can be helpful to boost the SEO Marketing and such tactics can be used for next post.

Last but not the least, make sure to provide simple easy ways to subscribe to your blog as this will help to get maximum subscriptions. So, try to adopt things that force user to come back to your blog again and again.

Wind up

Hence, with these tips you can easily convert your blogs into traffic generating machine and then can see increase in conversion rates as well as customers. Yeah, it’s not the work of a single person; the entire team has to work hard and so to get the proper assistance from dedicated SEO team, be connected with companies like Softqube Technologies which offer affordable SEO services in India.

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