Google Analytics Plug-in for Joomla
Google Analytics Plug-in for Joomla

Google Analytics Plug-in for Joomla

Joomla is the well known platform for developing websites. This is very much beneficial for large enterprises. Joomla is mostly recommended by huge enterprise owners. Once a website is developed then it is the time to get as many views as possible.

Google Analytics Plugins are available for these Joomla websites. With this analytics, it is possible to get insights about the number of website views, clicks and impressions. This can be easily installed in your Joomla website.

It’s just a simple process where you need to simply add the required Google code for Joomla without editing any of your website codes. You just need to get the Joomla code embedded in your website. This quickly and easily installs the Google Analytics code required to get your website tracked with Google Analytics.

With this single code, you can configure as many Joomla powered websites as you like. Google Analytics is available absolutely free of cost and so is the simple version of this Plug –in. It easily works with Joomla 2.5 and Joomla 3.
Also, this works very well with the previous Google Analytics as well as with the recent Universal Google Analytics tracking.

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Features of Free Plug In Version

  • Asynchronous Integration Available
  • Universal Integration
  • Verification of Meta Tags with Web Master tools
  • Download for Free

In case you need more support and assistance then the PRO version of this Plug in is also available as paid subscription. With this Pro version, certain Joomla things can be managed easily. Also, you will get complete support from the Google team to ensure that you are able to use the Plug in a perfect and appropriate manner.

Features of PRO Version

  • Asynchronous Integration Available
  • Universal Integration
  • Verification of Meta Tags with Web Master tools
  • Direct Links via Social Link Distribution
  • Google Demographics
  • Advanced In Page analytics
  • IP Tracking
  • Sub-domain tracking
  • Recording different top level domains
  • Retargeting
  • Cookie Time out
  • Sample rates of Site Speed
  • Cookie time out visitors.
  • Subscription available for $4.95

How to get your Plug in?

  • Sign up at and get your web property ID.
  • Download the Plug in and install it in your website ( Joomla)
  • Use the web property code that you receive from Google to set up your Plug in and then get started.
  • Examine your page to check the appearance of your code by viewing the source code.
  • Search for the words: Google Analytics Plug in Development by PB Web Development as a comment in the code. This ensures that Plug in is installed properly.

The Take Away

Softqube Technologies, a Joomla Website Development Company is focused on developing various websites with Joomla. Having expertise in SEO field as well, this company can provide you better guidance regarding Google Analytics code integration in Joomla CMS. Get in touch with its expert developers to get the code installed perfectly as well as for any further assistance.

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