10 Material Design Android Apps That You Will Love To Use

May 7, 2015

10 Material Design Android Apps That You Will Love To Use

When it comes to Google Android Platform, Material Design is the most preferable one. It’s considered as the heart of the Android Platform. If you check the design standards of Android 5.0 then material design will seem to be the basic part of your tablet experience.

Once you opt for Material Design and the constant style it gives to mobile devices then you can feel that apps with older design seem to be outdated. So, here we will see five top most material design Android apps that will be useful for you.

Top Material Design Apps for Android:

Material Design Apps for Android

  • Pocket Casts: This is an Android app worth $3.99 which provides an enjoyable Android podcasting experience. It has lots of features like as cross device synchronizing of news feeds as well as preferences. It’s easy and enjoyable to use.
  • Reddit Relay: This app is absolutely free and is also available for $2.99 with free upgrade. It is useful for those who wish to add the popular social site into a lovely Material Design format which makes it fun to use the app from any mobile device.
  • Feedly Reader: This app is a powerful RSS reader which shows latest stories from Feedly account in a clean card based layout. It provides configurable short cuts which are used to quickly open articles or mark them as read without going to main story list.
  • PaperBoy: Another useful material design app is Paper boy which is worth giving a whirl. This app has a great interface used to follow your favourite feeds with large images and smooth animations covered by several creative material design elements.
  • My stocks: The most useful app for those who love to trade in stock exchange. It is available for free with an option to buy it for $2.99 which includes free upgrade. With this app, it becomes easy to track the stocks.It’s one of the material design apps that gives brilliant touch to Wall Street world. Apart from this, it also has some handy features like custom alerts as well as various historical charts.
  • Messenger: This is an absolutely free app. Several mobile devices have in built messaging apps however Google’s new Messenger is a really an amazing one which keeps everything aside. It offers a spontaneous interface useful for normal texting.For those who are not using Hangouts, this app is a boon.
  • Twitter Plus Talon: Talon is an app used with Twitter. If we ask the users about the experience of Twitter’s Official android app then you may get few positive responses however using twitter with Talon is an amazing experience.This app converts Twitter into an enchanting Material design client having lots of useful features and fun visual flourishes. It’s available for only $2.99.
  • Push bullet: With this material design app, one can easily send and receive images, files and links among the devices and this makes it easier to manage your pushes. Try this app now, you will really love it.
  • SnapSeed: Love to edit your own images? Then this app is for you. It’s a perfect one for editing images on your mobile device. It has powerful photo editing features that includes basic editing as well as advanced features like lens blur and spot repair.
  • Material Weather Widget: This is one of the material weather app available for free. To get material looking weather widgets on your mobile, this app is the perfect source. This app itself uses some spit and polish.Once things are set up and you get the widget you like then you can easily forecast where you want it with a modern design which feels right at home on the home screen.

Wind Up

With these apps, you will definitely love to use your android device. There are many more such Material design apps that make android experience a long lasting one. Wish to get such apps developed from expert developers then get in touch with Android Apps development Company, Softqube Technologies.

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