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Custom PHP Development Company makes PHP monitoring stress free

June 27, 2016

Custom PHP Development Company makes PHP monitoring stress free

PHP performance monitoring with the help of open source tools needs huge commitment. The tools with extensive setup and configuration are available free of cost. Time is required when tools do not send correct alerts or create noise with frequent alarms.

The paid tools take a lot of wasted time and cost out of the open – source tool. Custom PHP Development Company makes your PHP monitoring stress free in the following ways.

  1. Ensuring that your site or application is functioning correctly: It is customer-facing part of any business, and it is essential to make sure that it is working properly. Validate uptime by checking status and be notified by an alert in case of an outrage. Measure the server-side response time to ensure that everything works correctly. Instrument timers and gauges keep you updated on what is happening in your application. Key metrics ensure that there is no performance problem brewing.
  2. Monitor performance of real users with a browser agent: Browser agents enhance performance metrics as redirect time, server lookup time and page render time. All these are the best way of seeing the experience of the site visitors. Custom PHP Development Company suggests that a combination of open source tools can be used for greater benefits.
  3. Setup doesn’t seem like a chore: You need to work a lot for setting up open source tools. Configuring and monitoring apps need lots of investment, and it does not mean implementing or monitoring the apps. All the applications are relatively stable and do not get skipped as the cost outweighs the risk of outrage. PHP performance flies under the radar, and a reliable environment may cause huge problems. You may use compatible PHP library to support gauge, counter, and timers and extend your library or configure it yourself. Netuitive is anyway better than open source monitoring. After setting up the client library, you may add additional apps with minimum efforts.
  4. Better visualization of dashboard makes outliner easy to find: The better display of the dashboard is, the better will be its monitoring. Graphs make complicated statistics easy to visualize, and an aggregate metrics makes it simple to see how some facets of PHP perform over time. View high and low values without creating graphs and tables manually to locate deals with outliers in PHP app’s performance.

Just like any software relies on a server, open source monitoring tools experience downtime. If your tool gets down on the server, you may get trapped. With a SaaS solution, Custom PHP Development Company does not need to worry about monitoring. Softqube Technology will do all the needful for you.

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