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How Crucial Is Responsive Design?

September 17, 2016

How Crucial Is Responsive Design?

Smartphones and mobile devices have taken over the new world, and now it is not just about desktops. Even when we talk about surfing, mobiles devices have an important role to play. Almost everything these days is done with mobile, be it browsing social media platforms, online purchase or checking emails. Thus, with increase in usage of internet and mobile the demand of user-friendly sites has also tremendously increased. It is not essential that business should have two different sites one for desktop and mobile, instead a single design can handle requirements of both the users, and that is known as responsive design.

Understand Responsive Design

Responsive design is designing of a website in such a way, that its images, content and structure remains the same no matter on what device the site is accessed. So when users are accessing site on desktop they can have the full view, but when the same site is accessed from a mobile, the site retracts to fit on to smaller screen. Hence with such designing you need not have to worry about what device users are using to access your site, it can be done with mobile phones, computer desktops etc. There are some other essential reasons as well which is why it is important to have responsive designing on your site, which has been discussed below.

Increasing use of Mobile Phones

With every passing day, the amount of mobile users is increasing. It seems that everyone every time is attached to their phones, be it for entertainment, business or any other purpose. Even the biggest search engine of the world, i.e. Google claims to use responsive designing because majority of users are accessing the site through mobile phones. Well, if the biggest player in the market is opting for responsive designing then it is obvious that other companies should also opt for the same and achieve heights of success in the market. Business owners can preferably appoint web application development India and get the best responsive designing done for their sites.

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Increased Conversion Rate

Besides the benefit of search available to site owners, responsive designing also has the ability of converting visitors to loyal customers of company. It is important to understand, that if users are unable to have access to site then they shall not get converted or give a try to online shopping. But what if they are able to access site on mobile, there are 100% chances that customers will purchase online and become one of the company’s loyal customers.

Online Social Media

Social media and blogging has become an integral part of everyone’s life and people find it difficult to survive without it. If in case, any company has not incorporated social media in their marketing campaign then they are for sure missing on something. Hence it is important for businesses to carry out social media campaigns and reap benefits. However before starting with social media campaign one should note that, the majority of the social media is accessed using mobile phones. Thus business owners should ensure that they frame a site or campaign which can be accessed through smartphones and tablets, thus enabling companies to earn benefits out of it.

Responsive web designing thus plays an important role for the growth of a business in the ever growing and expanding market. Hence every company should make efforts to hire the best web application development India that can provide adequate services and help companies reach to mobile devices of users. One can even opt for Softqube Technologies that is well known for providing users with web development and responsive designing services. Once you have hired them, you can be sure that your site would be as per your expectations and user friendly for users all around the world to have access to and use it for making purchase.

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