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Dynamic Web Design – Do’s & Don’ts

April 14, 2014

The website is the digital greeting sign that welcomes people and steers them in the right direction. Having an effective design isn’t ample – but it is also mandatory to keep visitors glued to your website as well as keep them happy, create a site that gets the best results and cater to users at the same time. And that’s a reason why you need to have a website that functions in a perpetual manner. Let’s have a glance on the some do’s and Don’ts of dynamic web design that influences users the most. The do’s might help you either make your website professional; while Don’ts let you know about anything you might have to leave out.

Page layout: Keeping your website page clean and clutter-free is a basic requirement. The excessive amount of info and images are tended to feel overwhelmed for visitors. If your page structure is tidy and well prepared, then visitors can easily find what they want and maneuver through the site as they choose.

  • Do invest in creating a professional and easy to navigate website. All significant content and images are kept there, where the visitors’ eyes will most likely see. Confirm that your website will overwhelm your prospects.
  • Don’t take too lightly the importance of the strong, easy to navigate website for generating more inquiries. Avoid cluttering your home page with too many links, videos on auto play, images, distracting external ads, never-ending text and so on. Nobody like to go through a messy page.

Clear Communication: Regardless of what kind of website you want, the success of the site will be dependent on being able to communicate effectively with visitors and customers. A poor job of communicating decreases the usability. Your website’s headlines, design styles, images, colors, tag lines, say something to your site visitors. Clear and effective communication make a great impact on  visitors and possibly converts new visitors to prospects to future clients.

  • Do clear communication to your target audience. An effective communication about what you can offer in products and services is the vital to success.
  • Don’t be too forward and jump on every word your customers say. And don’t make the visitors think or read.

Color Scheme: To simplify your website design visually, you require to limit your color scheme. The set of different colors will irritate your visitors and drive them away. If your color schemes are right, then you can see how they change the look of your overall website.

  • Do use the simple color scheme that re-enforce your brand.
  • Don’t add too many colors that will steal the focus from your main images and text.

Text pattern: Without the good solid text and striking images, the website is nothing. There is not required to write overly descriptive paragraphs that make your readers fall asleep. Your first aim should be to ensure your  website visitors directly understand what your site is about. So add good quality and the right amount of text with related unique images in the right place.

  • Do keep your text fresh and current on the page, including keywords and unique images. That’s let your website’s readers know that your website is up to date and a reliable source of information.
  • Don’t over do it. Nobody has a spare time to draw attention to your overly descriptive text and copy images. It could be a reason to lose your visitors’ attention.

Ease of Contact: When it comes to reach you; inquire about services and have an issue they’re having with the site, your website visitors will need to contact you with ease. Sometime due lack of a contact form on website, they don’t take any interest. So it’s a good practice to add a link to contact information on every page.

  • Do make it possible to contact you easily from your homepage.
  • Don’t hide or over complicate your contact form; it is the most important section on your website.

Web Designer Tips: The positive results come from a professional web designer. You should consider them to be proficient and capable of delivering what you want. So why you avoid any bit of advices that they deliver you about what makes a good website work better? A professional has a lot of experience and expertise in good design, usability and much more. So hire reliable one, let them do what they do best and  learn what they have to say for much better results.

  • Do care what the web designer do and take notes what they say.
  • Don’t hesitate to ask any question and move on if you don’t satisfy about the work.

On the subject of user-focused website, what is your goal of creating a website for your business and individual purposes? Simply tell us. Our web design professionals at Softqube Technologies help you to get the most out of your website. We would like to work with you. After all, you’re the coolest people in this fast-paced world.

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