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Tips To Reduce Bounce Rate of Website Revealed By Web Development Companies India

July 9, 2016

Tips To Reduce Bounce Rate of Website Revealed By Web Development Companies India

Bounce rate is a crucial metrics, and it shows the percent of website visitor who leave the site after landing on the internet page. They quit site without clicking on any other link. Web development companies India has revealed various ways of reducing sites bounce rate. It is important to reduce bounce rate of your site and increase SEO rankings, engagements, and overall conversions.

Bounce Rates

Here are some tips to follow to decrease Bounce Rate of Website:

  1. Improve loading speed of your site: The loading speed of your site is an important ranking factor for the search engine. A slow loading site has an adverse effect on bounce rate of your site. It does not give a chance to browse other web pages and leads to low bouncing rate. Use site speed test tool to know average loading speed of your site. The internet user gets smaller, and they do not want to spend extra time in waiting for the website to buffer.
  2. Write good headlines: If headlines of your posts are interesting, engaging and useful, your site is more likely to have a low bounce rate. Well-drafted and engaging headlines attract reader more and encourage them to click on the website and read more articles. As they click and read more post on your site, the bounce rate starts improving.
  3. Avoid click baits: Web development companies India focuses on writing great headlines. They do not resort to clicking baits as it causes more harm than good. With many clickbait articles, the internet users start getting smart about it. The users now have great filters and content from click bait posts that do not add any value. An average internet user also knows that by clicking on the links that can land to the worst sites on the internet. It is filled with annoying pop-ups and hidden ads that don’t have any value. To improve bounce rate, avoid clickbait links on your site. The headline of the post should make users feel that it is genuine.
  4. Avoid too many pops- ups: If your site has many pops – ups, it has high bounce rate. If someone clicks on an article and comes to your site, they need a more engaging and useful content. They do not want to fill signed forms and click on irrelevant banners and ads. Be smart and use exit intent technology to display pop – ups. Base your marketing strategy around upgrades, exit-intent popups, sidebar widgets, etc.

Low bounce rate is essential for the success of any site. The web development companies India like the Softqube Technologies considers all these tips to get more visits to the site.

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